My Router/Connection Keeps going On Off On Off

  Tony_B 23:47 03 Oct 2005

Recently I have had a problem with my ADSL connection. The computer keeps poping up with the Local Area is Disconnected/Connected.

I have a Linksys Wireless G Router.

It used to sit on top of my PC Tower and has never done this before. I needed to reset it after switching if off while on holiday, so picked it up to get to the button on the back. Ever since this problem has occured.

It settles down and eventually stops if I leave the router on my desk but won't stay that wat if I put it back on the PC Tower. I have tried changing the Network cable but that hasn't helped.

Is there something wrong with the Ethernet port on the PC is is something wrong on the router.

I have a Gigabyte SINXP1394 motherboard with built in Ethernet port.

Any ideas this is most annoying?

  ahales42 00:02 04 Oct 2005

what isp are you with? i`m having a similar problem with my belkin dsl modem/router using aol. the problem occurs between the hours of 7 to 8pm. a friend suggested that aol could be resetting my ip address and that my router takes a while to catch up.

  Tony_B 00:57 04 Oct 2005

I don't think its ISP related. It happens if I move the router.

  Tony_B 22:58 04 Oct 2005

Bumpo to the top. Anyone got any advice here please.

  Tony_B 20:46 23 Nov 2005

Just an update in case your interested. It turned out to be the Ethernet connection on the Router, it eventually failed completely.

The router was returned to Linksys who replaced it within 10 days.

All is well so far with the replacement, and wireless connection to a laptop the first time was a breeze.

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