My router seems to have stopped working

  salanddaz 01:13 30 Jul 2005


My cuurent setup is as follows:

Windows XP Pro
BT Home Network 1200
Linksys WRT54G Wireless Broadband Router

Ok had this router for a while, about 4 months, set it up fine and everything working great until a few weeks back. All of a sudden I noticed the WLAN led had stopped flashing and the wireless connection was no more. My internet connection is fine but my PC will not recognise the router anymore.

If you type in the broswer click here is usually access' the routers setup page. This will not display. I have reinstalled windows XP and started from scratch to see if that works but still no luck. I have pressed the reset button the back to go back to the original factory settings but that won't work either. Everything was working fine and I am confused to what has happened, even as I have reinstalled Windows and it still won't work

Please can someone help me

Thanks in advance

  Taff36 07:29 30 Jul 2005

If I understand you correctly the wireless (WAN) stopped working so I presume you are connected to the router via ethernet cable because you say your internet connection is fine. Or do you mean the ADSL LED is showing connected?

You also say you reloaded Windows - at which point? My initial thoughts are: did you hide the SSID in the settings - some routers can do this so they can`t be "seen" but I would have thought you would be able to get at the admin page yourself. Secondly, It`s 4 months old - take it back and get a replacement! If that one doesn`t work you have got problems!

  miniman79 11:31 31 Jul 2005

From what you have said I assume you have one PC connected to the router wirelessly?
If this is the case and for whatever reason the wiresless connection has dropped I would adivse you to plug your desktop or laptop into the router via a CAT5 cable (this has RJ-45 plugs on either end).
Go in to Control panel and then network connections and then on TCP/IP properties select to pick up IP address automatically and to auto detect DNS also.
Open your browser and try to access the router on If you can you know you have a wireless issue.
I would start from scratch with the XP wireless connection and in the router also.
Set up the wireless connection via the cable and start off with no encryption to get the connection established and then enable WPA.

Let us know how you get on.

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