My replies don't appear

  Graham. 10:37 10 Apr 2011

After I post a reply to a thread, subsequent replies do not appear. Am I rationed?

  robin_x 10:43 10 Apr 2011

The new Site incorporates 'Swiss Cheese' mode for enhanced user enjoyment.

You may disable the mode and send all holes to the Recycle Bin, by clicking the 'x' button top right.

  lotvic 13:13 10 Apr 2011

In another thread at Apr 10 '11 at 10:00 Bingalau says "I found you have to leave the thread and then come back to it to enter a second post"

  Miké 14:05 10 Apr 2011

I will try again to post this for the third time!

Testing to see if 'leaving the thread' enables me to leave a second post, it didn't yesterday!

  Miké 14:08 10 Apr 2011

Will this appear or won't it?

  Graham. 14:10 10 Apr 2011

It would seem there are a few odd 'rules'.

  Miké 14:19 10 Apr 2011

Ok so you can post again in a thread if you leave and then come back.

But can you post a second time without leaving?

No! I have just tried to post without exiting and you can't.

Sorry if this comment is seen as unhelpful but did the new design go live on April the 1st?

  961 14:29 10 Apr 2011

**Graham ** They've made a special set of rules just for you!

Can't find any smilies on here but lol

  961 14:31 10 Apr 2011

The bold text doesn't work either

  961 14:32 10 Apr 2011

"Oh yes it does...."

  lotvic 21:26 10 Apr 2011

panto time

This having to leave the thread and then come back to make a second post needs to be sorted out. Took me ages on another thread, made worse by not being able to go straight to last page.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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