Is my PSU ok?

  BigRik 20:09 12 Jul 2005

Hi all.

I was reading entries in herc182's thread about "graphics card comparisons" when I came across an entry about the 6600gt and the PSU.

I bought the 6600gt(overclocked) produced by BFG and installed it around a month ago. It asks for a minimum power supply of 350w.

After reading the above entry, I thought "hang on a minute!" I checked my system spec sheet and my PSU is only 300w!

But I have had no problems whatsoever! Games run superb and I have not as yet (touch wood!) had any system freezes or crashes!

I have used the power supply wattage calculator at click here (and 1 other which I can't remember) and unless I'm entering in anything incorrectly; they're both throwing up the minimum I need as around the 260-270w mark.

Does anyone suggest I should get a new PSU despite everything working OK? If so, why?

I do know I will need more power for future expansion, but if anyone knows of any other reasons, please throw them my way!

Thanks in anticipation of your patience!

  Stuartli 20:54 12 Jul 2005

The quality rather than the quantity of a PSU is more important - that's why even comparatively modest output quality PSUs seem to be rather high priced compared to cheaper alternatives.

This article may help you:

click here

  howard60 21:02 12 Jul 2005

if it aint broke dont fix it. Time enough to get a new psu when that one dies or is giving trouble.

  BigRik 21:37 12 Jul 2005

Thanks a bundle for your comments guys.

Stuartli, I've put that article into my favourites list for future reference. Great link. Thanks again.

howard60, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
I was hoping someone would say that! Thanks again.

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