my professional website has been deemed derelict by the web manager.

  Linda Weir 12:04 05 Feb 2015

i had my website designed by johnny pope at intoart , he has recently declared it derelict and not helped with advice to save it.

this is an archive of my lifes work as anartist . 35 years. and lots of professional photos uploaded.

i am now unble to log into the website which is joomla. i have spent so much money and hours on this as its my only window for the public to access my work.

i would love to pay someone to take it over but have no idea how i can do this. he has just ignored every question i have asked him

it is a disaster professionaly as im getting on and really needed to rely on him to protect my interests as i have knowledge of web admin etc.

any help in pointing me in the right direction willb e gratefully recieved. i need soemone to do as web speak is just beyond me. on joomla, they advertise a site which will take over. but so techy ic ouln't quite think.

sincerely linda weir

  mole1944 15:26 05 Feb 2015

Hate to say it but you really should have copies of your documents e.t.c. Eggs all in one basket comes to mind.

  LastChip 14:32 06 Feb 2015

Your site is hosted by Heart Internet, but your domain is registered to you via GoDaddy to you. That is very good news as many people make the mistake of letting someone else register their domain name. What does this mean. It means providing you continue to pay your domain renewal fees, your domain is safe. So that's one side of the equation out of the way.

The other side is a little more puzzling. Why can you no longer log-in? Clearly your site is still on-line and therefore Heart are still hosting it. If I were you, I'd contact Heart Internet and explain the problem to them and ask for advice. Providing you can prove you are the rightful owner of the content, (and it seems there's not much doubt about that - but they will need proof), I would think they can help you.

This is one occasion where lessons really can be learned and mole1944's comment about having backups, has never been more true. Learn from it.

  LastChip 14:45 06 Feb 2015

OK, I think I may be beginning to understand a little bout what has gone on here. It seems that intoart no longer exists - at least on-line. I suspect you've been accessing your site through them as a reseller for Heart and so it is now very important you contact Heart as suggested in my previous post.

There is one thing you could try though. Go straight to Heart Internet (here) and see if you can log-in directly from there.

  Linda Weir 07:49 04 Mar 2015

LastChip. thanks for showing me a way forward LastChip a valuable contact to follow. its really hard to find any information at all about the mysterious sites which run the my website. thanks so much iwill follow them today. im not sure which backups Mole refers to. i have the original photos but it would take so much to rebuild the images etc on the website. Bless you . i do back up on external drives etc everything but you can't back up a website. anyway sorry for my ignorance , Im 65 and quite good for an oldie who has not got a technical brain.

bless you so much and the www , so good. access to the world.

  LastChip 11:38 04 Mar 2015

Hello Linda, yes you can back-up an entire website and normally your hosting provider will offer that option somewhere for you in their control panel. The problem is, as with all things in this world, you need to know how. I can't tell you how, as all hosting providers differ and to a degree, you need to understand the structure of your website and hence what needs to be backed up.

To be safe, simply back up the root (normally indicated as / ), which should cover everything.

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