Is my processor on its way out?

  Paullewin 10:38 03 Mar 2009

Hi There

My laptop has suddenly slowed down considerably, I have a 2 and half year old core 2 duo,(2GHz, 2G ram XP sp2 ) custom built for audio production. It has been worked hard, but I have been pleased with its performance. Now when I boot up it takes a long time for windows to load and all my audio programmes (as well as anything else) run extremley slowly. I have cleaned the drive and registry with cc cleaner, performed spyware and virus scans with AVG, and defragmented the C drive, all to no avail. I had come to the conclusion that I need to reformat and re-install but before doing this I have noticed that the reading of my processors frequency in System Mechanic is suspect. The two readings for each core seem to fluctuate greatly with one sticking around the 350 MHZ region and the other one fluctuating from 350 up to the region of 1600MHZ, is this an indication of a problem with the processors?
Thank you for your time and help in advance


  Strawballs 10:45 03 Mar 2009

Have you tried going to msconfig and seeing how many programs are in the startup routine?

  Paullewin 11:34 03 Mar 2009

Thanks for that Strawballs, would this affect the suspect processor frequency readings I am getting from system mechanic?


  MAJ 11:45 03 Mar 2009

Your processor is probably a mobile model, something like a C2D T5800, which would mean that the clock speed will fluctuate to save power when there's no load on it, but it usually fluctuates between 60% and 100% of it's rated clock speed. It doesn't usually fluctuate as much as you have described. Which processor is installed in your laptop?

  MAJ 11:47 03 Mar 2009

PS, use CPU-Z click here to get the proper readings from your CPU.

  Paullewin 12:31 03 Mar 2009


Thanks for that, I have downloaded CPU-Z, the information on the CPU is as follows

Intel Core Duo T2500 @2.00GHz

Core Speed 997.5 MHz

There only seems to be a reading for 1 core

There is lots of other stuff but not sure what to read into it....


  Paullewin 12:37 03 Mar 2009

Hi Again

Re start up programmes, according to system Mechanic there are 114 entries in the start up


  Paullewin 12:41 03 Mar 2009

Just realized its a core duo, not a core2 duo....

  MAJ 12:53 03 Mar 2009

In CPU-Z, Paullewin, what are the readings for "Multiplier", "Bus Speed" and "Rated FSB", underneath "Core Speed"?

Yes I noticed it was a Core Duo.

  Paullewin 13:27 03 Mar 2009

multiplier x6.0 (sometimes x12)

bus speed 166.3

rated fsb 665.0


  MAJ 13:37 03 Mar 2009

Those readings are as they should be, Paullewin, so there's nothing wrong with your CPU. The fluctuating multiplier reading that you see (going from x6 to x12 and back again) is normal for those mobile processors (your's is going from 50% to 100% and back again), the Core Speed should also show as fluctuating when the multiplier reading does.

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