My Prob i think! Virtual Memory Help needed!

  gazmix 15:51 14 Sep 2007

Recently i've had the warning that my Windows Virtual Memory is too low & Windows is inceasing it for me!
I've had symptoms like pages not responding, Media Player not working when other applications are in use & Adaware not updating.

I googled WVM & read a page at click here & it said the symptoms & by looking at Task Manager's processes, i could see the VM size column!

The biggest user was Firefox, but i can't delete that as i use it!
The second biggest was 'Superantispyware'!
The problem i've been having with Adaware coincides with me downloading SAS!

I right clicked on SAS in Task Manager & deleted it & attempted to uninstall the programme, but i can't!

I get:-
write protected or currently in use
cannot delete file:cannot read from source file or disk.

I managed to delete from programme files as much as i could, but 2 entries remain that won't budge!

I shut down all programmes, opened Adaware & it updated ok! Voila.

However, i can't get rid of the rest of Superantispyware!, it says it may be in use! Does it run in background. I get the 2 messages above!!
Can anyone help me uninstalling it 100%
Could this be my problem, i think maybe it is!

  Technotiger 15:54 14 Sep 2007

Try running CCleaner click here this usually gets rid of any 'left-overs' ...

or use CCleaners uninstall section under Tools in the left-hand column.

  Quiller. 15:59 14 Sep 2007

" it says it may be in use! "

if you use XP:- start > run > type " msconfig " without the quotes > startup tab and find the entry for SAS. Or un-tick all except AV and reboot. Delete files. Go back to msconfig and re-tick those you want to.

for Vista:- type msconfig in the search box under all programs. Then as above.

  holme 16:05 14 Sep 2007

It's not a solution but might alleviate the symptoms.

If you click on Start - Help & Support, enter "paging file" in the Search box and select the 'Change the size of the paging file', that'll give you the procedure for increasing virtual memory (i.e. RAM + Paging File).

If CCleaner doesn't help to kill Superantispyware, I believe it's possible to uninstall things in Safe mode but I don't know the procedure for that. Can anyone help?

  woodchip 16:10 14 Sep 2007

How much Free Space have you got on your Hard Drive? as that is your Virtual Memory. If it's getting filled up you need to do something about getting another drive or removing things you do not use

  gazmix 16:44 14 Sep 2007

will ticking SAS & unticking the rest then rebooting, delete SAS?, when you say 'delet files', do you mean temporary internet files in internet options?

i went to the page you said, it said:-
initial size 96mb
maximum size 192mb
what do i increase it to?

i only have a small amount of HD Space i know, it's around 3.3GB i think leaft, but this issue just started since i downloaded SAS!!

When i run CCleaner, do i run it using the default boxes checked? I remember last time i ran it, i didn't know what to check! How do i know that it will be removing SAS


  holme 17:01 14 Sep 2007

(As you're clearly short of resources, I'll wait until woodchip replies before commenting further on paging file).

  mfletch 17:08 14 Sep 2007

Hi, You should have removed SAS using Add or Remove programs,

Or Ccleaner/ tools/ uninstall,

I don't think you have enough disc space left for your computer to run correctly,

Can you Remove anything else,


  gazmix 17:22 14 Sep 2007

There's nothing else i don't think i can remove, howabout Movie Maker, i thought about that, but when i tryed, it said it may affect other programmes!

holme, ok i guess increasing paging file is not an option, i just stick to getting shut of the 2 files!

mfletch, i tryed to remove via add/remove programmes, it wouldn't! it just started the installation process & said cannot delete.

I just want to get rid of these 2 unshiftable files that are part of SAS.
I just downloaded CCleaner, should i run it as it is, or should i check any extra boxes?
Howabout the msconfig way, do i just check the SAS in startup & reboot as it says.
It must be running somewhere or it wouldn't be in the startup tab, maybe!!


  holme 17:28 14 Sep 2007

I don't want to tread on woodchip's toes but, as mfletch has already given the answer, here t'is again:

Run CCleaner
Click on Tools
Find and select Superantispyware
Click on Run Uninstaller and take it from there.


  gazmix 17:45 14 Sep 2007

Ok, i have done that & it has uninstalled!
Wonder why it wouldn't uninstall via add/remove programmes!
As mfletch says, to free up more space!, in uninstall there are lots of Windows security updates, normal updates & Windows hotfix entries! are these worthy of deletion?, wouldn't want to erase anything i need!

When running CCleaner, should i do it without checking or unchecking any of the boxes?

when i do the msconfig>startup, it is still there in one of the boxes!
Should i check this box>apply & reboot as it says to get rid totaly?

Does anyone know if SAS runs in background as it is in the startup box! & why it was using the most VM when i only ran it once!
It must have been that as Adaware updated ok afterwards!

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