My printer won't print in black any more!

  Jill RB 10:42 02 Jul 2009

I have an HP Photosmart 2575 All-in-one, about two years old. A week or so back it suddenly stopped printing in black, although functions perfectly in all other respects. I had installed a new cartridge a week before that. WH Smith replaced the cartridge for me, but it still didn't work. I did all the usual things - cleaned the heads and so forth, and spent a long time talking online to people in India. Eventually I took it to PC World who wanted to charge me some £69 just to look at it - nearly as much as I paid for it in the first place I think!
I'm reluctant to scrap it as it's fine in every other way, and I can for some purposes simply change the colour of what I want to print. But obviously for printing photographs etc (which I do quite a lot) that's no good.
So come on folks - any suggestions??
Thanks in advance.............Jill

  mooly 11:09 02 Jul 2009

Does this model copy without use of a PC. If so does that work if you just copy a document, piccy etc ?
If it doesn't then problem with printer, if it does might be worth uninstalling then reinstall the software.

  woodchip 11:46 02 Jul 2009

Does the Printer have separate ink cart heads? from the carts as it may need replacing

  woodchip 11:49 02 Jul 2009

Does the Printer have separate ink cart heads? from the carts as it may need replacing

PS it's also not unknown for new carts to not work. A friend ad a HP bought a new cart and Nothing, He took it back for exchange. in the past I also had a dud sparkplug for car brand new

  Jill RB 15:40 02 Jul 2009

Thanks for your responses. Mooly, I can use the printer as a copier, but only coloured sections come out (ie no black). I will try un/reinstalling the software - it's worth a try at least - should have done it already.
Woodchip, I'm not quite sure what you 'carts' short for cartridges? (sorry if I'm being thick!) I have put in a replacement cartridge - the previous one was only about a week old when it abruptly stopped working.Perhaps I might try a different brand - though if I then do have to scrap the printer I'd have wasted my money!

  Wak 16:30 02 Jul 2009

Looking at a web site called "Stratitec", it would appear that your printer only takes one cartridge holding yellow, cyan and magenta inks and does not have a separate black cartridge.
I suggest that you make a .Doc file showing a line each of red, yellow, blue and black printing and then try to print it.
If the Black line of printing comes out coloured then one of the other lines of printing (C, Y or M) will either be missing or very feint which shows that that particular colour has run out.
What Woodchip is suggesting is that some printers have the print head built in to the cartridge whereas others (like Epson) have a separate print head built in to the printer itself and is not part of the cartridge.
Cartridges with a built-in print head can be cleaned by putting the print head face into 1/4 inch hot water until cool whereas print heads built into the printer means that the printer has to be stripped down in order to clean the print head.
I hope this helps.

  jack 17:03 02 Jul 2009

More over some are 3 colour some are 4 or more colours.
Black print may have a separate cartridge or chamber in a four colour cartridge.
With HP machines with head/ink in one piece then the place to check is at the back of the cart chamber where the contacts are - a gentle wipe over with a moist face wipe type tissue will ensure it is clean.

Making a test print in the 'Stand alone mode' will establish whether it is the machine at fault and not data transfer from computer.
So if the print is good in stand alone - then delete and reinstall software in computer.

  mooly 18:21 02 Jul 2009

Hi Jill, with you now saying that the printer on it's own isn't copying correctly then that does sound like a printer issue. The printer copies without needing a PC at all if you follow me. So if that's no good the printer (or cartridge etc) is highly suspect. You say all this started shortly after replacing the cartridges. Were they originals ? I've spent to long in the repair trade (not PC's) not to believe in coincidences :)

  Jill RB 18:27 02 Jul 2009

Hello again all -
Wak and jack, the printer takes two cartridges - tri-colour and black.I could try the hot water treatment to see if that helps!
Mooly, the cartridge was a WHSmith lookalike - I've used them before without problem, but I could have had a couple of duds I suppose....

  Wak 19:47 02 Jul 2009

You could also try printing the Colour Test .Doc file I suggested as it gives a better idea of what is printing and what isn't.
Unfortunately, "Stratitec" which I looked at must only list the newer H.P. models.
Hope you soon get sorted out.

  Jill RB 19:52 02 Jul 2009

OK Wak, I'll give it a go. Thanks!

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