My Posts.

  rdave13 23:58 29 Apr 2011

If you want to view 'My Posts' without having to log in, for some reason, then if you remember a thread you posted in, just click your name, within the post, and click on the pop-up 'view your name's profile and that's it.

  lotvic 00:07 30 Apr 2011

Good tip, thanks

  rdave13 00:12 30 Apr 2011


How are you?

Most forums require you to at least register before you can access this info. Maybe a glitch or simply allowed.

  Sea Urchin 10:35 30 Apr 2011


And of course you can look at anyone else's profile in the same way

But ----- do you find My Posts usable at present? Most of my threads are listed multiple times - one has 16 of the same thread, and the statistics are non-existent. In addition there is no record of who started the thread and on what date.

  Sea Urchin 10:37 30 Apr 2011

And I also find the 12 hour clock confusing - your post at 12.12 on Apr 30 and mind coming later at 10.35 on the same day

  rdave13 10:41 30 Apr 2011

Sea Urchin

Agree with you on all counts.

  birdface 10:53 30 Apr 2011

A few more problems needing fixed.Still sending E-mails when you have ticked not to. You used to be able to move your mouse over the click here's to see what was in it without opening it.It does not work with the Hiperlink now you have to open them to see what programs are on it. Still think my Posts need a lot of work done to it.If any problems now go on to page 2 or 3 or whatever in the Helproom I just ignore them now. Some things in the new set up are good and the same with the old set up. Copy and Paste and My Posts were easier to use. And when typing out a reply you realise that you have not signed in so you either loose it all or copy and paste the bits that can be saved. On the old set up I do not think you could actually type a reply if you were not signed in but my memory is not as good as it used to be. I also think My posts are mine and should not be open for everyone else but under forum rules I would imagine we have to accept the change. That is just a few of the things that I have found to be a bit annoying apart from that everything else is ok. I think the biggest problem is the e-mails for me as I do not like getting e-mails unless I have asked for them. I have thought about setting them up as junk mail but will wait and see if they fix it first or not.

  robin_x 11:09 30 Apr 2011

I was rather hoping the 24hr clock would have been agreed and adopted by now. It's very confusing.

  David4637 13:45 01 May 2011

Please ensure the date the thread was created is displayed on the initial page, just gives an idea how long the post has been opened without actually having to open it. Thanks David

  rdave13 01:15 16 Jul 2011

Problems fixed by the look of it. Thanks PCA Towers.

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