My Postings Disappeared

  woodchip 14:40 12 Jun 2003

OK what's happened to My-Postings, All I get is Error 404

  mammak 14:47 12 Jun 2003

lol Woodchip, most poeple, up here today are getting 2-3 posting of the same,poor you arent getting any now thats not fair is it.

  VoG™ 14:49 12 Jun 2003
  woodchip 14:49 12 Jun 2003

Well just been looking at the site, and it's really been shot to pieces, there are that many probs

  woodchip 14:56 12 Jun 2003

See you later it may have improved. Of for some parts for Van

  ray27 15:16 12 Jun 2003

Still cant see my postings Error 404

and to add to my problems I am also having problems with NTL e-mail
Can,t recive but sometimes I can send and all NTL tell me to do is send them an e-mail where's the logic in that?
Abody else having problems or is it just me?

  expertec 15:25 12 Jun 2003

I couldn't get anywhere clicking links from My Postings, so I used search instead, I noticed the threadid and forumid had been changed round in the address

  expertec 16:12 12 Jun 2003

you can come back now, everything seems to be working now (it's working for me anyway)

Due to the updates we made to the site earlier today a few gremlins have appeared which are returning error messages to you.

We hope to fix the problem today.



  woodchip 16:26 12 Jun 2003

Mine still missing

  Pesala 16:57 12 Jun 2003


I've had problems with NTL for ages. No email, never yet managed to access my webspace. Hard enough just getting through to Customer Services. Got through to technical support, but they said I had to contact Customer Services.

My account has been disconnected since moving house and changing the billing arrangements. When I moved, they came and installed a brand new modem quick enough, and gave me 600K BB for a week by mistake.Internet Access is fine, and they do know who I am, but my account is not set up right at their end yet, so no email or webspace. Why they need me to hang on the telephone for half an hour to fix that, I cannot imagine.

I may try again tomorrow, but it is a hassle as I have no landline, and I have to go to a noisy call box to dial the freephone number, and of course I cannot take my PC with me 'cos it is connected to their cable and my power point, and a 17" monitor is a bit heavy. (~_~) I could call 0800 052 2000 on my mobile, but then it is costing me at least 15p a minute (>_<)

I still use and my own website server for my email.

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