My Postings?

  pj123 12:23 09 Jun 2003

The first thing I do when logging in to the Forum is go to My Postings and check that any of mine that are resolved have been ticked. As there are lots of these it takes a while to check. Is there any way we can be flagged for our own postings that have not been resolved yet, (I don't mean other peoples postings that we have responded to, just our own postings)?

  recap 12:55 09 Jun 2003

PCA did at one time send an email to the postee asking if their post had been resolved after around 7 days.

  spikeychris 12:56 09 Jun 2003

Do you mean questions/statements you have started? you are the one who has to tick the resolved box...or am I way off on this one?

  Pesala 12:57 09 Jun 2003

Difficult to find old postings too. I bookmark a few of the more interesting one's. I don't think it matters if the green tick is missing once it has disappeared off the forum. You really only need to check one or two pages of My Postings.

Have you thought of registering again under a new name, and getting a fresh start. I don't see why you cannot be pj124 too. Presumably, you would still be able to look at your old postings.

If they won't allow it. Get your wife, husband, son, daughter, or dog to register on your behalf.

  Ben Avery 13:21 09 Jun 2003

as a thought, why not add each posting you make to a new folder under your "Favorites" and when resolved, remove it?

That way you'll have instant links to all of your unresolved postings!


  watchful 15:52 09 Jun 2003

I think he must mean the ones he has started that have not been resolved and he has to wade through to see if an answer has been provided and then he can tick it.

Of course I could be completely wrong!

  Megatyte 16:23 09 Jun 2003

If a new answer has been provided then the thread will be moved to the top of the list. No need to look further than the first page.


  pj123 16:26 09 Jun 2003

Yes, I mean my own postings. As I am getting on a bit now I quite often forget if I have any postings outstanding that may have been resolved. It takes a long time to look through pages of other peoples postings that I have posted a response to. Perhaps we could have a search criteria to find unresolved postings by our own ID. i notice there is a search criteria for unresolved postings by everybody but not by ID.

  pj123 16:32 09 Jun 2003

Oops, I meant there is a search criteria for "search for resolved subjects only" Why anyone would want to search for resolved subjects beats me. It would be nice to have a search criteria for "User Name" as well as thread title. Then one could see all postings that we have made ourselves.

  watchful 19:00 09 Jun 2003

pj123, you're confusing me! Resolved subjects are exactly the ones to look for. Hopefully they have provided the correct answer to the problem in question.

However, lots of probs. remain unsolved or have come up with the right answer but have not been ticked by the thread poster. Hence all our cribs about people not returning to tick off or say which answer did the trick.

I brought the subject up recently about having a section just for the threads you have started yourself but everyone seems to prefer it as it is.

  pj123 21:26 09 Jun 2003

I think I am confusing myself now as well. It's called "getting old". I try to make sure that I tick any thread I start as resolved when it has been, but I have just looked through 19 pages of My Postings and found 2 that I must have forgot. Something like a "Search for" "pj123" and "unresolved subjects" might have saved a bit of time. Never mind done now. I think I'll do what ben avery suggests and save my posting to word then I can at least search for "thread title" as and when

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