My postings.

  rdave13 23:15 29 Oct 2005

Still the only way to get to "my postings" is to click on Helproom on the left and then click "your postings"
Takes a few seconds but gets there usually.

Can anyone tell me a better way to get to these sometimes embarrasing posts....;))

  Belatucadrus 23:21 29 Oct 2005

The "Your postings" link is below "Welcome Your user name" in the top left hand side under the PCAdvisor banner

  rdave13 23:26 29 Oct 2005

Yes I know. If I click on "your postings" straight from logging on it won't work.
That's why I asked if there is a better way of getting to it.

  De Marcus™ 23:30 29 Oct 2005

Whilst the 'your postings' list is admittedly 'a tad slow', I find that that by right clicking and selecting 'open in new window' when I first log in and browse new threads suits me fine. Once I've had a quick scour of newly posted threads, the new 'your postings' window is ready and lively as ever.

  De Marcus™ 23:32 29 Oct 2005

I'm sure with the new changes that have came about, the my postings issue is a top priority with the pca team. So worry not for much longer (fingers crossed).

  rdave13 23:36 29 Oct 2005

De Marcus™. Thanks for that.
Pity I cant delete some of my postings.

I cringe at some of the older ones ))

  De Marcus™ 23:39 29 Oct 2005

Lol, as we all do I'm sure ;-)

  Chegs ® 23:42 29 Oct 2005

I use a wheel mouse,cfg'ed to open a new window behind the presently viewed one when pressing wheel button.Then I can simply scroll down the main page,clicking threads/my postings,etc,and then click the tabs in my browser(It dont work this way in IE tho' thats why I use Avant)

  rdave13 23:46 29 Oct 2005

Chegs ®. Thanks for info.Never knew you could configure a wheel mouse.

  DieSse 23:49 29 Oct 2005

You can do the same thing in Firefox.

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