My pictures folder was gone.

  Vanng 06:22 13 Mar 2004

Hi Everybody. For some reason I don't know but My Pictures Folder( by Windows default ) was gone from My Documents when I open Windows Explorer.I lost all of my photos.I can create a new folder and name My Picture on My Document but all images in new folder don't do anygood when I use Third party software for Image Editor like resize or change color.Can Anyone tell me how to get My Pictures Folder (by default) back to My Document folder . It would be very apprecited. Thanks a million.

  norman47 06:51 13 Mar 2004

If you use windows x\p, do a system restore. Pick a date before the problem.

This is the easiest thing to try first.

  byfordr 14:49 13 Mar 2004

I know my Dad recently "lost" a file. He appeared to have drag and dropped it into another file. Have you tried a search on My Pictures or one of the file names in it?

All files and folders (just modify the search criteria)

Also remember to backup regularly!


  pj123 15:38 13 Mar 2004

They are probably not "lost" just misplaced. Download a copy of PowerDesk 5 from click here and once installed and running go to Tools, Find, File Finder and type in .jpg and put a tick in the box marked Drives (and not Path) then click Find Now. Check the results to see where your missing pictures are.

  Vanng 15:11 14 Mar 2004

Thank you so much for your answers : Norman, Byfordr and Pj123.As the first time I use this forum so I forgot to tell about my PC. That is :
Windows ME, Pentum III-800Mhz, 384 RAM, DVD10x, CD-RW Sony, TYAN Motherboard, ATI 128 VideoCard and Creatice souncard....
I did try System Restore a few times, some days back then a week back and the whole month back, but still no luck. I also tried Start/Search/Files and Folders and I found My Picture, that only a file, not a folder. And now I will try PowerDesk 5 from pj123 and see what happen and I will let you know the result. Thanks again. You guys are so wonderful.

  pj123 16:05 14 Mar 2004

When using PowerDesk you need to type in *.jpg and not .jpg as I first said. Sorry.

  Vanng 06:26 15 Mar 2004

Hi Pj123, after I downloaded PowerDesk5, installed it to my PC. Open it up and do exactly what you tell me to do but is still no avail. Thank you for your kindness. Talking about Virus, I use AVG-AntiVirus software and scan my computer, my PC is still clean. I just know about computer over a year and still to be a NOVICE. Maybe I still need your help because I am thinking about reformat the hard drive and reinstall fresh Windows System. That way is for sure I can get back My Pictures Folder to my system. I never do this before and a little nervous to do this. I do have Startup Disk and a Windows ME CD-Rom. BUT CAN I JUST PUT THE CD IN AND OVERRIDE THE OLD SYSTEM ? If not, please show me step-by-step how to do it. One Harddrive, One partition only. If this page not enough space for you to show me how, you can email me at :
[email protected]---------Thanks again.

  byfordr 07:59 15 Mar 2004

You can try these
click here
click here
They have been recommended at one time or another on the forums (not tried themmyself)

I've used this one, which recovers pretty much every picuture you ever deleted (and is free)
click here



  pj123 10:44 15 Mar 2004

Do you mean you just want a folder called My Pictures? If so you can create one anywhere you like on the hard disk. It won't bring back any files you may have had in the original My Pictures folder though. Again using Powerdesk highlight the location where you want the folder to be then go to File, New, Folder type in the box My Pictures and press Enter on the keyboard. It looks like you could have unwittingly deleted it somehow. You might be able to re-install ME over top, I have done it with Win 98SE but it doesn't always work. A reformat and re-install is not easy, unless you know what you are doing. You will need your Motherboard CD, all your programme setup disks and all your driver disks, like sound, modem, graphics etc...

  Vanng 15:47 15 Mar 2004

Thank Byfordr, that software is not freeware anymore. By the way how can you do this ? I mean when you say CLICK HERE and it connects with another homepage. Right now I am sitting here and thinking what to do ? Forget all the Photos I have lost. Buy the software and try to recover the lost files or take the PC to the shop to reformat the harddrive. Well I still don't know.

Thank Pj123. No I don't mean that. Like I said on the first mail I can create hundred folders and name My Picture and put them anywhere on my harddrive. All I want is the original folder from Windows default ( when the first time you buy the computer, "My Pictures" folder is already there ), that is where I lost all my photos. Well anyway, thank you for all your help. I am still learning and this is a great place to learn from all of you.
Thanks again.

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