My Pictures folder very slow

  guesswho2 17:01 29 Nov 2007

Just lately when I open this folder it takes some minutes to load completely and when selecting a subfolder the cursor moves jerkily as if the memory is overloaded. I've made another folder on the hard disk and so reduced My Pictures to about 1.5GB but it's really not much better. I don't remember it being this bad a month or two ago.
I'm running XP SP2, processor about 2GHz, 1GB RAM, loads of free hard disk space. AVG Pro, SpywareBlaster and AdAware show nothing nastie.
Any suggestions welcome!

  SANTOS7 17:44 29 Nov 2007

Too much in there!!! if you make sub folders and maybe categorise your photos it will help, what you have already done i don't Think is enough...

  guesswho2 20:06 29 Nov 2007

Thanks SANTOS7 but I think there's something untoward going on. It is organised in subfolders and it's only in the last month or two that I've noticed it struggling. It's really very slow now and when I close it to return to the desktop, it takes a few seconds for all the icons to get back to normal - that didn't used to happen.

  SANTOS7 20:20 29 Nov 2007

Could be down to house keeping, fragmented HDD,
click here

if ya don't already have it, good prog for getting rid of unwanted stuff..
can only suggest at the moment a good tidy up and a deep scan with your A/V Spyware progs...

  guesswho2 20:41 29 Nov 2007

OK SANTOS7, I do run CCleaner frequently, Windows tells me there's no need to defrag. Thanks for your comments though.

  SANTOS7 20:44 29 Nov 2007

Bit dificult to diagnose with no obvious error messages, the obvious cause you have in hand, it maybe down to spyware,not sure at the mo.

  guesswho2 20:51 29 Nov 2007

I've just been watching Task Manager while My Pictures was loading, and CPU usage went up to 98-100% and stayed there while it struggled to open. Also noticed when opening a new, blank Word document that again it briefly showed 100% usage. On the Taskbar it says "requesting virus scan" which I don't remember seeing some months ago, but maybe it did. Might something have caused AVG Pro to become more intrusive?

  SANTOS7 20:57 29 Nov 2007

It might be configured to scan as you open your my pictures folder, turn it off and see what happens if there is a significant diferance your A/V may need reconfigureing...

  guesswho2 21:11 29 Nov 2007

OK, I'll see if can fiddle with AVG.

  SANTOS7 21:13 29 Nov 2007

AHH!!! fiddleing, now we're getting technical...

  guesswho2 21:18 29 Nov 2007

----- unfortunately, only in a very amateurish way!
I'm presently running a full AVG scan so I'll have to wait till that's finished. Then it might be bed time for old fogeys!

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