My Pictures Crashing with send to MS message

  Awestruck 16:35 02 Nov 2007

My Pictures folder crashes when opened from shortcut or from any other method. A 'Send to Microsoft' box appears but MS never replies.
Event viewer shows explorer.exe error and pinpoints the following file:

faulting module

Any body know how to cure this?

Best wishes


  Technotiger 17:05 02 Nov 2007

Hi, do a search for then rename it to this should stop the error message.

  Pineman100 18:28 02 Nov 2007

When you send a problem report to Microsoft, they never reply - it doesn't work like that. You're info is just adding to a statistical database.

So don't worry - it's nothing personal. ;-)

  Awestruck 11:16 03 Nov 2007

(1) Thank you both for your very prompt replies. I will act on your advice after I have asked another question.
Just after I sent the plea for help on behalf of a friend, I found two additional clues in the Event Viewer for the same date and time as the clue I originally sent you.
They were:
Faulting App: acrord32.exe faulting module unknown.
Faulting App: waol.exe, faulting module moc3260.dll
The 'crashing of the My Pictures' folder is on a friend's computer and he uses AOL.
The problem started after he downloaded some rubbish called SmartSounds QuickTracks which I have now uninstalled.
(2)I have allowed MS to reinstate deletd files quite often, is there a list of Windows files that can be deleted safely to allow Windows to reinstate good versions?
Best wishes

  Pineman100 13:38 04 Nov 2007

Sorry, I'm not qualified to answer that. Hopefully Technotiger will come back - he's pretty whizzy.

  Technotiger 14:16 04 Nov 2007

acrord32 is to do with Acrobat Reader - I would uninstall Acrobat, then run CCleaner and if you want Acrobat Reader (for pdf's) you can re-download and re-install it click here
for more info re acrord32 ...
click here

I don't like or use Adobe products though, they can be very CPU hungry and slow your PC to a crawl.

I don't use AOL, another one I don't like, and very difficult to get rid off if/when you want to change.

Perhaps a System Restore might sort your friends problems, back to before things started getting screwed up.

  Awestruck 20:41 06 Nov 2007

Yippee! Renaming the file worked a treat.
Thank you technotiger. I am the local IT tutor and technician and I have just launched a help website in which I recommend contacting you brilliant people. It is perhaps you could find time to peek at it and let me know what you think.

Best wishes


  Pineman100 13:07 08 Nov 2007

>I am the local IT tutor and technician <

Hmmm - do you think Technotiger might be better qualified for that job? ;-)

  Awestruck 18:11 08 Nov 2007

Yes, he might well be better qualified in some areas such as trouble shooting, but I also have 25 years experience, teaching, trouble shooting, web design and programming. I started when one computer filled a warehouse. My help website is based on the itemsI am most often called out to fix or teach. As I am now rather ancient I hope that it will reduce my work load.

Best wishes


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