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  Yeldarb 12:26 17 Sep 2005

My card reader used to send images to "my pictures". For some reason it has changed and send them to Photoshop album. How can I restore former route please ?

  Eric10 18:54 17 Sep 2005

I can't speak with any authority because I don't use Photoshop Album but I had a similar problem after installing Photoshop Elememts 3. The cure for this was to go to Edit, Preferences, Organize and Share, then highlight 'Camera or Card Reader', and remove the tick from 'Use Adobe Photo Downloader to get photos from Camera or Card Reader'. There may be a similar setting under Preferences for your program.

  palinka 16:21 18 Sep 2005

I think you could get round the present situation this way: open each pic in turn and for each re-save it using "save as", then in "save in" make sure it says "my Pictures". After that you can delete tyhem from Photoshop Album.

  jack 09:01 24 Sep 2005

Manual transfer is the answer
letting Windows do the work, will let it take the 'default route'
Open the card and go to Edit- click 'Select all'
Click 'Copy' Go to my pictures or the dedicated folder you have created- open it right click - click paste.
This action puts a copy in the folder leaving the originals on the card.
If you wish to revoe images from thecard thus leaving it ready for use- As above but click 'CUT' instead of Copy

  Tadpole Ted 02:32 26 Sep 2005

If you're not too sure about using copy and paste, another way is to create and name a folder within "My Pictures" and reduce the folder window to a half of the screen or so.
Then go into "My Computer", find the drive ("Hard disk")which is your memory card and open that in another window, and make it about half the size of the screen too.
Then simply highlight everything in the memory card folder that you want to transfer and simply drag the whole lot over into the prepared folder in My Pictures.
It's identical to what Jack suggested but at least you can see what you're dragging around.

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