my phone rings I dc

  shandalf 13:23 01 Dec 2006

I have just upgraded to bt wireless. I play WOW and everytime the phone rings i loose conection.I am also experiencing lag. I have 3 pcs all using wireless adapters.I have tried using ethernet cable and it still happens .All pcs are windows xp .I used to use a dlink router with the same pcs and never had a problem it feels like i have taken a step backwards . I asked bt to help and they did remote control on pc they said it cos i didnt have wireless set up right and they have fixed it , they havent can any one advise me what to do please by the way I am only learning about all this stuff so I need it simple

  Totally-braindead 13:36 01 Dec 2006

Do you have filters fitted on all connections that go to the phone lines?

  shandalf 13:41 01 Dec 2006

yes I have a filter then the bt hub, i have tried the phone in the filter and also in the hub makes no difference

  Strawballs 14:29 01 Dec 2006

I think Totally-braindead means that you should have a filter on both the phone and the hub.

  shandalf 14:45 01 Dec 2006

thanks for replies , Bt said put the phone into the hub then u get free phone call evening and weekends it didnt work. So into the main socket I have put the filter and the hub goes into that so do i plug another filter into the first filter then the phone sorry if I seem stupid.

  Totally-braindead 15:11 01 Dec 2006

I'm not really up on this BT home hub thing. Does it not come with instructions?

I have a standard broadband connection. I have 2 phone sockets, a filter connected to each of them, one is in my living room and has a phone connected to the filter and the other has the router for the broadband and a phone connected to the filter. If I had another phone somewhere else then I would need a filter on this as well.
What I trying to check was that all items had a filter as one of the reasons for the disconnecting could be you forgetting to use a filter. I did have a bit of bother with my connection initally and it turned out one of the filters was actually faulty.

  shandalf 17:18 01 Dec 2006

The hub didnt come with instructions, except a diagram which is how I have set it. I think that maybe I should abandon the hub and wireless set up and go back to my old dlink , I thought by upgrading I would be faster but if anything its slower and unstable. Thanks for answering and trying to find what my problem is

  iarno 00:04 02 Dec 2006

these are the instructions that come with the BT Hub. where did you get the hub from.

click here


  shandalf 11:41 02 Dec 2006

Thankyou iarno I have done it exactly how instructions say and I am still loosing connection on all 3 pcs every time the phone rings. I bought the hub and the wireless adapters from BT. The person that I spoke to at BT checked with me that I have set hub and phone up correctly then told me to phone the engineer as they didn't know why this happens.The engineer thought he fixed it but he didn't maybe I should keep going back to them untill they fix it

  steven_frost 12:52 02 Dec 2006

I'm having the same problem, they've replaced the hub i've replaced the filters and after spending most of ths morning talking to them they got me to switch of the hub and now have confired their is a fault on the line so i now have to wait up to 5 working days for this to be looked into and fixed ah the joys of BT

  Dipso 12:53 02 Dec 2006

The filter/s may be faulty or your BT hub could be more sensitive to noise on your line than the Dlink.

Try changing the filters for better quality ones something like click here and see if things improve.

You could also check your phone wiring
click here to see if you have the ringwire connected to the master and the extensions.

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