my pc won't load & when it does it just shuts down

  babe63 16:18 12 Aug 2007

Please can anyone help? My pc is getting worse & I've had some IT experts!!! look at it 3 times now & its still not resolved. I've had my copy of windows xp home re-validated by the IT peeps, they've cleared any virus etc & installed an extra 256 of memory (pc only had 256 to begin with). starts up (no beep) then if you're really lucky it will go to the log in screen, if not it just shuts down - the orange light stays on steady (hard drive maybe??) but my moniter says no signal. We've tried everything here, new power lead, different moniter, even tried it without internet (I'm with bt broadband total, home hub). I'm taking it back to them tomorrow, but I would appreciate if someone could tell me what it is then I can tell them, thanks

  Kate B 16:33 12 Aug 2007

No signal is a graphics problem - have you got a separate graphics card? If so, try reseating it in its slot on the motherboard.

  babe63 16:45 12 Aug 2007

Errrrr how do I do that & what am I looking for, please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 12 Aug 2007

Video card install
click here

  babe63 20:10 12 Aug 2007

thanks for the info fruit bat pc wont stay open long enough for me to check any settings, it just shuts down almost instantly (I'm on one of my sons' pc's at the mo trying to get info)

  umbongo(uk) 10:12 13 Aug 2007

what kate b is saying is you will have to take the side panel off the computer to check the card is seated correctly in its pci slot

this will be were the monitor cable connects to the card

when doing this . follow these steps
1.unplug the computer from power source
2 press the power on button this will discharge any residual power
3.remove side panel
4.remove graphics card(you will have to disconnect the monitor lead) push it back in the slot
6.connect up monitor cable and plug computer back in
7.turn computer on

post that it worked or not

  Probabilitydrive 10:27 13 Aug 2007

a word of experience to umbongo(uk)'s Nr 4.

Some graphic card slots hold the card with an extra plastic clip in place, which you have to unclip before removing the card.

Failure to do so resulted in my case of applying too much force trying to remove it, thus angling the graphic card in its slot, snapping the clip and consequently damaging the card and the mobo slot!

A complete (warranty) replacement of mobo and card was the result of this oversight.

  umbongo(uk) 10:38 13 Aug 2007

yes srry for tht .some slots have a retainer on them to hold the card more securley

these can look like the memorey clips that needs to be pushed towards the motherboard or as a plastic arm tht needs to be pushed to the side

  wee eddie 11:06 13 Aug 2007

Unplug everything except the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. Then try the start-up again.

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