My PC won't go to sleep

  HenryVII 21:01 13 Aug 2008

Recently I wanted to leave the PC asleep and let it wake up to do a defrag scheduled for 2 am. I switched it to sleep mode, but it instantly woke up again. I've sinced tried from time to time to get it to sleep but it won't stay put. It's not as though there's a scheduled task about to start just at that moment. Anyway, I've checked that one. Anyone got an answer? I use Vista Home Premium, and an nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS card which at one point I heard might be the problem, though I'm doubtful.

  Clapton is God 21:09 13 Aug 2008

What exactly do you mean by "sleep"?

Do you mean standby or hibernate?

Either way, which peripherals, such as keyboard and mouse, are set to bring the PC out of standby?

  HenryVII 21:35 13 Aug 2008

I use Vista, which has discarded Standby and Hibernate. They are replaced by Sleep and Hybrid Sleep (Hybrid Sleep saves the status on the hard disk as well as to memory).

Nothing has been set to wake it up. I don't care if it's the KB, Mouse or Power Button, but I have been careful not to let, say, the mouse wake it up instantly, i.e. I don't touch anything after teeling it to sleep.

Unfortunately, as with many issues, Vista Help & Support uses loads of words, but somehow fails to leave one with a firm answer.

  Technotiger 21:50 13 Aug 2008

IMHO a better solution is to use Diskeeper - this keeps your drives always fully defragged, just set it and forget it. I use it with my XP, but it is also Vista compatible. click here

  HenryVII 22:18 13 Aug 2008

That sounds useful, although I did want to use the Sleep state to get several different overnight jobs done. Backups and visus scans, for instance.

  Graham. 23:13 13 Aug 2008
  HenryVII 17:10 16 Aug 2008

Thanks, Graham. I told the Mouse not to wake up PC, and got the Media Sharing stuff out of the way. All is now well, and the PC slumbers peacefully until duty calls.

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