My PC will not start

  whisso 19:23 04 Apr 2008

I have tried to turn my pc on at the processor box button and there is nothing. I have tried another computer lead which works on another pc without success. I have checked the fuse is ok and also that the socket works with other electrical items. There is a light on the rear of the processor box but it will not start. I have been away on business and think the kids have kept the pc on for a couple of days on standby. I am not the worlds greatest on computers but would welcome any suggestions on what to do to sort out without going to somewhere like the horrendously expensive PC World.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:31 04 Apr 2008

It is possible that the Power Supply Unit (psu) has failed.

What is the make and model of the machine?

  Totally-braindead 19:31 04 Apr 2008

When you say there is a light at the rear of the box what do you mean? What does the light signify as I haven't seen a PC case with a light at the rear.

Do you know if theres any chance the kids have moved the PC? If so it could just be a loose lead and thats worth removing the case sides and looking at anyway.

Without the rear light being mentioned the thing I would have suggested is check if theres a rear mounted power switch as some power supplies have their own on/off switch.

  whisso 19:36 04 Apr 2008

Thanks for the speedy response. It is a Compaq Presario S5500UK. I do not know anything about the Power Supplu Unit. Is this within the case? On the rear of the box near to where the power supply lead is attached there is a small light that is flashinh green. The on/off button is on the front and when I press it there is no reaction or movement of the pc.

  skidzy 19:47 04 Apr 2008

The psu = power supply unit is within the case,normally at the top,this is where your power lead plugs into.

As a matter of elimination ,replacing the psu is a straight forward job.Normally 4 screws and take the side casing off the computer and away you go.

Just make a note of the connections...honestly it is nothing to worry about.

The problem you have is diagnosing the problem,and i would start with the psu.
Do bear in mind this could be the mainboard has blown.

Have you had a power cut or eletrical storm recently ?

  whisso 19:52 04 Apr 2008

Skidzy. With me appering to have power i.e. there is the green light showing at the rear is this likely to be a PSU issue or is it possible the main board has blown up? Does this mean the pc is unusuable? We did have electrical problems whist away as the main fusebox in the house did cut out.

  Ditch999 20:38 04 Apr 2008

The green light is probably the ethernet light. Is the PC connected to a router by a wire? It does sound like your Power Supply Unit, especially if the house fuse tripped.

  skidzy 21:14 04 Apr 2008

" We did have electrical problems whist away as the main fusebox in the house did cut out "

Then chances are your psu has a fault or the mainboard has blown or developed a fault.

Little tutorial on installing a psu click here

If you need advice on a psu,please post back.

Psu's can vary in price and depends on your needs.

Now if your pc is used for Gaming,go for a heavy branded model of 500watt upwards,however if the computer is used for general tasks such as internet/email/works/and burn the odd cd/dvd you can safely install a cheaper model.

I rebuild computers that are used for the above general use and fit psu's from Ebuyer for around £20.
Such as click here not the best around but will serve the purpose easily,ive never had a comeback from these psu's.

Though obviously this will depend on your hardware such as a powerful graphics card and how many drives are in the computer.

  woodchip 21:22 04 Apr 2008

All it may need if it would go is reset the Clear Cmos Jumper

  woodchip 21:24 04 Apr 2008

This should be near to the CMOS Battery a Silver round battery about as big as a ten pence

  skidzy 21:27 04 Apr 2008

Fair play there Woody but i dont think Whisso has any power what so ever,though anything is worth a go when it costs nowt.

Hope you bearing ok Woody :-)

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