Is my PC too hot?

  Gaz W 19:44 24 Apr 2004

I've installed (on Windows XP) the Winbond Hardware Doctor utility that came with my motherboard. My system specs are:

Abit AT7 Max2 motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 512MB DDR 333, ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB, Nebula DigiTV PCI, 250GB Western Digital S-ATA Hard Disk Drive, Verre V770K system case.

The program at the bottom shows Temperature for System and CPU. Currently the CPU is on 55% and so is the System. When the System one gets up to 60% (which it does) the program starts showing me warnings.

Is this temperature OK? Does it sound accurate? If so, can anyone recommend any quiet cooling solutions I could use.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:12 24 Apr 2004

What is the BIOS reporting the temperature as? This will be more accurate than a third party utility.

Having said that, you are not too hot - a little on the high side, but mine ran like that last summer.

  tony1160 20:19 24 Apr 2004

i'd say 55% is quite high, i have gigabyte ga7-n400pro board -athlon2600+ 512 ddr400mhz radeon 9200-western harddrive...
have you only just bought pc or upgraded some parts????????
mine runs at -system 35/38% and cpu never higher than 45%

  Gaz W 20:31 24 Apr 2004


I built the PC in about August/September last year and the only thing I've done is installed a new hard drive last week. I got Windows installed and when I was installing the drivers I thought I'd try this utility which I'd never used.

I'll check what the BIOS is saying. Also the room is quite hot and stuffy, even with the window open!

It is now running at 62%.

  tony1160 20:47 24 Apr 2004

i dont think your harddrive would cause over heating etc...its true that certain programs can report wrong or incorrect details,i take it your just abit worried as cpu temp shows up high,,althou its possible it always has,only you never had the program installed:::what power supply do you have??

  carver 20:48 24 Apr 2004

Your mobo Temp should be at least 10c cooler than your CPU. With a decent fan that 2600xp should run at about 50c max.Check and make sure that the case fan is working and extracting air and not sucking it in.

  tony1160 21:09 24 Apr 2004

can you try uninstalling your Winbond doctor and try this click here and tell me if reporting same

  Gaz W 21:12 24 Apr 2004

Part of the problem may be that I don't have a case fan. The CPU is using its original fan as it is a retail one. The retail one was only £3 more or something and came with a fan and 3 year warranty. Needless to say I didn't bother with the OEM and assumed that AMD knew what they were doing when it came to putting fans on their own processors.

I'm looking for a case fan really - preferably that's quiet, and/or any other cooling equipment.

At the moment the temperature is between 60 and 61 and the window is coming up every time it gets to 61 (briefly) and going away when it gets down to 60. Obviously I can disable/uninstall this but I'm leaving it open to see what happens.

  tony1160 21:19 24 Apr 2004

i dont have a case fan in my tower..i take it your not going to try MBM ,which may show different temp. if your only looking for a case fan visit your local pc-shop but thats not the reason you posted your question asking for help

  Gaz W 21:20 24 Apr 2004

It would appear that this utility is quite accurate - I restarted and checked in the BIOS:

Both temperatures were around 60°C.

There were two temperatures for the CPU:

CPU Surface Temperature: 82°C (approx)
CPU Core Temperature: 60°C (approx)

I had noticed when I first built this system that it was fairly hot but obviously put this down mainly to the heat (it was August I built it) and also because it was a fast CPU - at least at the time!

  carver 21:25 24 Apr 2004

With that hardrive working and a 2600xp heating up you will finish up with a short lived CPU,with not having a case fan the air is is not circulating so all you are doing is blowing warm air back onto the CPU. I suggest you pop down to PC World tomorrow and pick up a fan, it should be a 90m/m fan opening at the back of you case.

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