My PC thinks my 8GB hard drive is only 4GB

  gomez no es muchos 10:37 22 Jan 2004

Am running Windows 98SE, when i run MSInfo32.exe my system information shows my 8GB second (slave)hard drive as having a capacity of only 4GB..

I ran fdisk and and it shows:

Hard Drive 2: 4GB 50% usage FAT32

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am tring to write more data to the disk but windows pops up a message saying low space do you want to run disk cleanup.

I THINK I found a related artical in MS support pages, but being somewhat of a novice the i dont know how to manually change the information showing in system information (msinfo32.exe).the ms link ive been reading is:

click here;en-us;195902&Product=w98

the drive is definately 8Gb, DOS recognises it but windows doesnt.


  TBH1 10:48 22 Jan 2004

this disc ain't partitioned by any chance is it ?

  gomez no es muchos 10:57 22 Jan 2004

as far as i know it isnt, but as i said, im fairly novice..

i dont think so, when i enter setup (F2)when booting up it shows the drive as correct capacity.

fdisk shows 1 partition of 8GB on the drive but then sais 4GB 50% usage FAT32..

whats the 50% usage mean in fdisk?

  TBH1 12:22 22 Jan 2004

doesn't mean used 4gb which is 50% does it - - what happens if you select the drive, from 'my computer', right click and select properties ??? Shoeld tell you capacity and frre/ used space.

  gomez no es muchos 12:54 22 Jan 2004

yeah it says 4GB and ive used about 3.8GB hence the problems..

after a bit of searching i have found others with similar problem, am waiting to hear about a solution though.. i am going to download partition magic and see if this can sort it out..

all in all though i am confident this is a known problem, but as previuosly stated the solution is out there its just a matter of finding it..

if anyone has seen related articles id appreciate the link..

  ©®@$? 12:58 22 Jan 2004

lokks like that partition for your 8gb drive is set to 50% not one 100%

  gomez no es muchos 18:08 22 Jan 2004

how do i change the partition to 100%?

  ©®@$? 18:18 22 Jan 2004

you cannot do it through fdisk without loosing your data, as you will have to delete and create a new partition

if you have partition magic you can resize the partition

  gomez no es muchos 18:19 22 Jan 2004

will i lose data useing partition magic?

ive never used it before

  TBH1 01:32 23 Jan 2004

I think easiest way is to copy your data from slave to master, fdisk slave and set up partition to full 8gb, then maybe copy back - - -this don'y help you none if you ain't got space on your primary drive, of course.
I think Partition Magic will allow you to resize without losing your stuff - - you'll need to read up on it.

  gomez no es muchos 09:11 23 Jan 2004

partition magic fixed in about 5 minutes.. resized partition to 8GB for no loss of data.

ta for your help

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