Is my PC spec too high?

  AudioVic' 18:58 27 Feb 2003

My pc has the following spec:

Two 150 gb HDDs, 10gb ram, 60ghz 3d cpu, 36 inch wide screen monitor, 112X speakerphone, fax, voice and video modem and 2gb graphics card.

Two Dvds, Two Dcr/ws, two Cdroms all at 500X max.

Now for my problem!

I keep waking up! All a dream!

How can I keep asleep with my dream?

  jediknight007 19:06 27 Feb 2003

Does all that even exist? Must have cost tens of thousands for all that technology.

  Rayuk 19:08 27 Feb 2003

What do you want 2 Cdroms for?

  AudioVic' 19:14 27 Feb 2003

It doesn't exist!

Nice dream though!

Best of luck to all of you!

  oresome 19:19 27 Feb 2003

You're liable to get 'tennis spectator neck' with that monitor!

  cream. 19:19 27 Feb 2003

You are penny pinching on the hard drives. Either get a 320 gig one and partition it or have that little bit extra storage space and get 2x320 gig drives.

  carver 19:24 27 Feb 2003

I think he's penny pinching on that monitor, only a 32" screen, a 42"plasma screen will give much better resolution.

  PSF 19:33 27 Feb 2003

He is penny pinching with the monitor he should get 3 42" plasma screens to get a better view. LOL

  AudioVic' 19:38 27 Feb 2003

you all enjoyed it!

We need a sense of humour these days so carry on jesting but not forgetting our serious Pc problems by helping each other.

Best wishes from me to all of you!

  cream. 19:42 27 Feb 2003

O.K. Three 42" plasma's. Where?

one in the study.

one over the bed? just to catch up on things last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

one in the toilet? will it fit in though?

  davidg_richmond 19:47 27 Feb 2003

how about this - wallscreen monitors in every room in the house (advances in production techniques will bring the prices crashing), a central server hidden beneath the stairs running 100MBit broadband internet linked wirelessly to every screen, 5Tb Hard Disk based on atomic switching, wireless speakers in the top corners of every room, using directional sound to make sure only the people that want to hear can do.

theres security cameras outside the house linked to the server, which records every second. the combination phone/pda in yr pocket is linked to the server so the inventory of your fridge and cupboards is synchronised before you go shopping. your bills and junk mail is taken care of by your intelligent household agent (which you affectionately named 'Holly').

you are charged a micro-payment by a virtual publisher who looks after PC Advisors online back-issues as you fondly remember the days when it was more about powerful specifications and prestige in the latest gear than usefulness and reliability....

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