my pc shuts down and then starts up by its self

  ROB.R 09:29 28 Jan 2006

my pc shuts down and then starts up by its self if its been on for a couple of hours can aney body help i am sick of it happining please help me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:56 28 Jan 2006

Did you build this yourself? What motherboard do you have? What operating system XP?

You should turn off "Automatically restarts".

Right-click My Computer->Properties->Advanced tab->Startup and Recovery Settings-> System Failure

That will hopefully stop it from rebooting itself. From there you may be able to glean more information about the issue. It should at least tell you which program died on you.

It sounds like a hardware conflict or a driver issue.

  andrew-196854 09:58 28 Jan 2006

this maybe of intrest click here

  ROB.R 10:17 28 Jan 2006

i am running xp the pc is a advent and it has a pentium 4 is that aney good

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 28 Jan 2006

Switch off Auto restrt and you will get an error message instead of the PC shutting down. We need to know what the error message is.

  andrew-196854 10:33 28 Jan 2006

rob r you have only answered 1 of fruit bats 3 questions ,that is your operating system windows xp. still un answered did you build it your self? what motherboard do you have? how old is your pc? did you but it from pc world? to find out more imformation about your pc try this click here download it and run the program

  ROB.R 10:46 28 Jan 2006

i got it at pc world about a year ago it has a 3 gigahertz in

  andrew-196854 10:48 28 Jan 2006

and ???

  Cybermaxx 12:05 28 Jan 2006

Mine started doing this last week. Probably some malware or a virus or something. It was definitely a software problem, anyway. I just did a factory restore. It was about due for a good cleanout, anyway.

  gfpbatpcadvisor 18:35 06 Apr 2006

I had the same problem and found it was because I installed usb2 card drivers. suggest you look at any new cards or drivers added take them out and see if this solves the problem, if so add each item one by one until you find the culprit

  Totally-braindead 18:51 06 Apr 2006

Could you check that its not overheating take off the case sides and check all the fans are working properly as overheating can cause this, the computer will shut itself down to prevent damage. Normally if this is the case it would shut itself down and stay shut down not restart as you say it does.

As has been said driver problems can also cause this so the error message would be helpful. Only other thought is check the power options under control panel. Set them to always on and see if it still does it.

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