My PC keeps rebooting itself!

  richbowenuk` 18:30 20 Apr 2006

My PC periodically reboots itself for no reason! All of a sudden it goes back to a black screen and loads up to the XP front page! I can then log onto the internet as usual. Yesterday this happened 3 times in fairly quick succession.

I have updated and run virus, adware, spyware as well as cleaned out junk files etc!

Any ideas what could be causing this?!!!!!

  Ray5776 19:00 20 Apr 2006

Loads of similar threads posted on this site, type it in the searchbox, could be one of many things.


  BEN MARSHALL 20:45 20 Apr 2006

In the event that your computer unexpectedly powers down and reboots without warning it is often due to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) over heating and could be easily solved by placing on more thermal paste on top of the processor.

I had a similar problem it started off as you described till it got the the point that the computer booted in sequence without getting into windows.

I working in the IT Maintenance trade as a trainee technician, have seen one case where the computer system will not switch on past the BIOS Post screen, this was solved with some thermal paste, and adding an extra fan to prevent it happening again.


1) Open up the case of the pc (Unplugged) and blow out all dust... with an air compressor, or a hoover on reverse ...from the CPU fans and surroundings.

2) Apply fresh thermal paste to the CPU.

3) Consider purchasing another internal fan, if you are familiar with building a computer. if not then get a fan that will work in a PCI slot on your system.

4) Regulary blow out dust about once every 6 months will do fine.


If the PC seems to lose functionality and then freeze before it goes black and re-boots

It may be the RAM (Random Access Memory), could be faulty or the may not be enough consider recent software & hardware changes.

Diagnose using "Memtest" on most PC Advisor Cover Dvd.


* Amendment of this problem is important to your systems integrity as if windows keeps restarting unsafely, unexpectedly then it could corrupt your operating system or Hardrive as they are susceptible to static electricity. *


Hope this helps...

I can give you further instructions see my website if you require any help as there are some useful download links.

click here

  Totally-braindead 21:08 20 Apr 2006

Regarding the cleaning the dust from the inside of the computer. Be very careful what you use regarding the advice to use a air compressor or a hoover. I don't like the compressor idea at all, a can of compressed air that you can buy for exactly this purpose yes, a compressor that perhaps has been used for something else such as power tools or paint spraying no. They are too powerful and there is always the risk of contaminants spraying on to your system. I'm sure from what BEN MARSHALL has said he has either a dedicated compressor or some way of ensuring that this does not happen.

What I do regarding cleaning is this, I pull the plug from the mains wall socket so there is no possability of accidently switching the computer on. Then a take a brand new clean small sized paint brush and brush away all the collected dust and hoover it out using the hoover. Do not let the hoover touch any of the components as static can destroy delicate components and if you have a powerful hoover like a Dyson be very careful as they have so much suction you could possibly damage the components. I saw this happen to a friend of mine who used his mums Dyson to clean his computer out and he damaged the motherboard. A can of compressed air is also a good way of blowing the dust away.

Regarding the restarting I agree that overheating is the most likely cause but it could be something else. Is the computer on for a while before it restarts? That can be a sign that its overheating as it sometimes takes time for the processor to overheat. I would initially check that the fans are all running. If one of them is not then buy a replacement. I would also run memtest as recommended and see if that finds anything. Regarding the processor and needing the thermal paste renewed, if that is the case then get the old paste off before you renew it, if you don't you run the risk of creating a hot spot which may blow the processor.

  Ray5776 21:14 20 Apr 2006

Almost certainly hardware, possibly PSU. Did you view the other postings, lots of good advice there.

  richbowenuk` 21:21 20 Apr 2006

Thanks for the info people and the other threads! Will check em out!

  ed-0 21:23 20 Apr 2006


" My PC periodically reboots itself for no reason! All of a sudden it goes back to a black screen and loads up to the XP front page! I can then log onto the internet as usual. "

Then it's probably not a heat issue, if it was it would refuse to boot back to windows. You would have to let the system cool down before the system would allow you to boot to windows. Otherwise it would obviously shut down because of the heat generated.


If you use Xp then it may be worth your while to shut down XP's automatic reboot option to gain a blue screen message. This should stop a reboot IF it is not a heat issue.

Go to control manager > system > advanced > start up and recovery and under system failure, untick the setting of " automatically restart"

Might be worth doing;-)

  Totally-braindead 21:51 20 Apr 2006

Hadn't thought of that ed-0 you're right.

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