my pc keeps crashing on the internet.

  flyingbrit 19:48 14 Sep 2005

i have aol broadband 1 meg connection useing bt voyager105 modem. the pc crashes(screen goes blank) on a fairly regular basis but not doing any one specific thing,although it seems to be worse when my son's playing world of warcraft.ater reboot there is no stecific error message however i have got several in xp's error log one that says...Service Control Manager...The DNS Client service depends on the TCP/IP Protocol Driver service which failed to start because of the following error: A device attached to the system is not i've been on broadband with this same modem for 11 months and it's only recently that the pc's been crashing. i've been looking round the forums and come to the conclusion that it's the bt voyager 105 modem from aol that's drawing too much power thru' usb port and crashing pc. does this sound feasable? btw.... i'm running an athlon 2.6+ prossesor with sparkle 6600gt gpu, sb live 24 bit sound card, 1024mb ddr ram gigabite mobo, running xp home sp2. cheers

  howard60 20:00 14 Sep 2005

you could try disconnecting all other usb devices and see if you still crash. These modems take very little power and I would look for something else interferring.

  flyingbrit 20:04 14 Sep 2005

there's only a printer and a scanner(not turned on)plugged into usb apart from modem

  PA28 21:57 14 Sep 2005

You don't say what size PSU you have - I would suggest that with the 6600GT you need a minimum of 350w and would benefit from more.

  woodchip 22:04 14 Sep 2005

You do not say your OS. But if XP or Win98se run for XP from run Box, SGC /SCANNOW with the Full XP CD in comp. if 98 it's just SFC. then if you are running IE to connect to the net, run click here

  Gongoozler 22:37 14 Sep 2005

This is probably not relevant, but I recently fixed a computer that was reported to be crashing while on broadband internet. When I got round to fixing it, it turned out to be faulty memory. This just goes to show that the solution isn't always obvious from the symptoms.

  flyingbrit 22:40 14 Sep 2005

psu is 500w upgraded when i put 6600 in

  flyingbrit 22:47 14 Sep 2005

aol uses its own browser, not connected to microsoft IE(i don't think it is anyway)but thanks for reply i'll try it anyway

  flyingbrit 22:48 14 Sep 2005

oh and it says xp home sp2 at bottom of first

  flyingbrit 22:51 14 Sep 2005

yea that was my next move i've got 2 sticks of 512 in now i'll try removing one at a time.but i've ordered another modem from aol,see what that does first.cheers

  flyingbrit 22:55 15 Sep 2005

got new modem today from aol, tried it out still crashed!!!so i decided to swap some ram about. 2sticks of 512's in took 1 out still crashed, swaped them around no more carshes!!!!!!(so far anyway)damn error log said it was an external device attached to system fault!!!!just show how wrong bill can be.
anway thanks to everyone for the help especialy the great Gongoozler(sounds like the muppet show)lol.

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