Is my PC dying?

  kp 22:03 24 Oct 2005

I have a nearly 5 year old Evesham PC, Athlon XP1900 (1.61GHz), 512MB DDR RAM, 80GB HDD, GForce3 Ti500 Graphics that has been a fantastic machine since I bought it in 2001. I have done a few minor upgrades with the addition of a DVD writer, changed a few fans when needed etc. I have recently started to have a few problems. Occasionally on booting the BIOS fires up without loading windows and a warning is displayed thet the CPU speed has been reset to 1200 rather than 1600MHz. I change it back to 1600MHz, save the changes and restart. Windows will then load. After a variable amount of time ranging from 10 minutes to a couple of days, the PC will then freeze. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work and the only way out is to shut down holing in the on-off button. Provided I leave it long enough (more than 15-20mins) I can usually boot up again normally. There is nothing to suggest overheating. The ASUS probe MoBo/CPU temperature appears OK. I am not using any graphics intensive software (mainly just MS Office Pro &Internet Explorer). I suspect my MoBo is failing. It looks OK visually - no leaky bloated capacitors and I regularly clear the dust inside the case. Any ides as to why I am having these problems. I dreamt that it was just the CMOS battery which would cost about £1.50 to fix. I then woke up and suspected my MoBo. It is not economical to replace this and the CPU in a system this old but thought I should get some advice before I spend a lot more money on a new PC.

Any help welcome.


  woodchip 22:08 24 Oct 2005

First if you have been adding Hardware, with the same PSU, I would say that the PSU needs upgrading to more power. plus the computer may need a full format and reinstall if you do not have the option of going back with a Image file

  kp 22:16 24 Oct 2005

Thanks for quick response. I have not added any hardware for a while and the problem is only recent. But...yes, I agree that a complete reinstall would be worth a try anyway before spending lots of money. No new software added recently other than the Windows updates.



  geewis357 22:18 24 Oct 2005

Hi Mate,
I know how haw you feel, you appear to know what you are dooin, but do you run defrag now and again or maybe SFC

  woodchip 22:22 24 Oct 2005

PSU is like a Light bulb they do not all go at once but just get weak

  kp 22:33 24 Oct 2005

I defrag regularly and am always clearing out any unwanted files. The system is about as clean as I can keep it. Additionally, I run a virus scan twice weekly and run the updates (NAV) and MS antispyware. I am obsessional about deleting spam without opening and the PCA website is about as dodgy as I get with my visits!!!!


  DieSse 23:03 24 Oct 2005

I remember someone a while back had strange, random freezes - and traced it to the refridgerator switching on and off.

Spikes from equipment switching can have this kind of effect on poor quality power supplies - so perhaps a new, higher power, good quality (not the cheapest around!) supply might be a good starting point.

  kp 20:28 25 Oct 2005

to all who have responded. I'm still not sure what the problem is but am going to try a format and full reinstall at the weekend to see if this solves the problem. If no success after that..... my wallet will have to be opened unfortunately. Will click resolved.


  Fred the flour grader 20:45 25 Oct 2005

kp, it could be when you have been cleaning the dust out from in the case you have accidently knocked something loose. Check all the cables are secure and stuff like that.

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