My PC is dead

  loquito 17:00 07 Oct 2004

Today my PC died. Although the the peripheral (scanner, printer, modem, etc) were all alive my PC did not. Yesterday it was OK. My PC is almost five year old (1999) Pentium 3. I guest from my little acknowledge of PCs that perhaps the Switching Power Supply has gone.

Please help me in advice me if buying a new power supply (300 Watts) will bring life again to my PC?


  Noelg23 17:06 07 Oct 2004

well it wont hurt to here and check the Case section for Power supplies...

  loquito 17:26 07 Oct 2004


Do you think it could be something more serious. Do you have some ideas what could be?

I have seen my friend PC still given symtoms of being alive because of a little light on the PC case and also on the screen although the motherboard was faulty.


  the-george 17:31 07 Oct 2004

May sound stupid but have you checked the fuse in the plug?
Also check that the cable has not come slightly adrift where it plugs into the PC.

Also,if you have a spare power cable try that and see if it makes a difference.

If these prove fruitless then look at another power supply.

  Noelg23 17:32 07 Oct 2004

well when a PC gets to that age and it finally could be anything that caused the death...but its always helpful to replace things like the Power Supply...but if your PC is say from Dell or Tiny or anyone like that and not built by someone else then you may have to get a whole new PC. I build PCs meself and I saw a friends PC once and I had a good look at it and it just wouldnt start up and like you they had it for 5yrs but no life in it at was also a Tiny PC so even if I wanted to replace the power supply I couldnt cos Tiny Power Supplies are really 'Tiny' now I am going to build them a new I said it could be advice would be to keep the old hard drive and get a new PC built...and I can get one done for you at the amount you are willing to spend...just tell me what you want. but if you know how to build your own system then go for it...what have you got to lose?

  georgemac 17:39 07 Oct 2004

click here info on pwer supply fault finding

a 300 watt psu will be quite cheap to obtain and should power a pentium 3 with no problems at all.

  loquito 18:30 07 Oct 2004


Yes I did this I unpluged my other PC main wire and connected to the dead PC without results. I even bought a brand new main power wire from PCworld. Three months ago I did have the same problem. I bought a new main power wire and it did the trick. and the PC came alive again. Now It doesn't want to come alive. I have learnt the hard way. I remmeber I gave away a good monitor because it was dead (not light)to find out one week later that the fuse main cord was faulty. Than for the advise, anyway.


  loquito 18:35 07 Oct 2004


Do you live in the Bolton/Manchester area?

I have ordered the power supplier £33.0 with post to my home. I will see what happen. I may get in touch with you if this dooes not solve the problem for a new PC.

Thank you for the advise of retriving the harddrive and installed in a new one system.


  Noelg23 18:43 07 Oct 2004

I have sent you an email...hope thats ok...good luck mate..

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