Is My PC Dead?

  Tidus 01:32 17 Sep 2003

Hey guys, ive got a major problem, and if any of you can solve it for me, then, well, i dont know what i'll do.

Recently, for no reason that i can think of, my PC has been refusing to load, it gets to the start up screen where it tells you the system status, you know the one, gives you the make a model of motherboard etc, then it just crashes, sometimes the writing is all messed up, like its in a forgien language or something, and somtimes the screen is full of colourful blocks or lines.

If the PC does load, it will usually crash within minutes, everything just freezes up, and i have to go through the whole thing again.

The motherboard is an Epox 8K 3A.

Please help me guys, im desperate.


  Gongoozler 08:27 17 Sep 2003

Tidus, all may not be lost. If your pc is crashing before Windows loads, then there is unlikely to be a problem with the drives. It is more likely that the BIOS is set to run the system in an incompatible mode, or there is a problem with the memory. First I suggest that you check that the memory is properly seated, unplug it and put it back in. If that doesn't help reset the BIOS to it's defaults (there should be a link on the motherboard to do this), but before you do this it would be a good idea to make a note of your BIOS settings). If none of this helps, check that all the other motherboard components are correctly seated, including the processor. It is also possible that there is a problem with the graphics card, so if you can try a different one that may help you track down the problem.

  Bodi 08:27 17 Sep 2003

Three things I would check, if it were me.

1) Check your graphics card is seated properly - if it is, then try another graphics card.

2) Do the same with your memory modules - again if you have a spare try that. Alternatively if you have two memory modules try one at a time.

3) Clear the CMOS by removing jumper pins or set the BIOS to default settings and reboot. Remember to make a note of your settings before you do this.

Hope this is of some help.


  Bodi 08:28 17 Sep 2003

Sorry! You type faster than I do <grin>


  Bodi 08:31 17 Sep 2003

Another thought! Just as a precaution, open your case and when switching on, check that your CPU fan is working. If not, switch off immediately and don't run computer again until you have a working fan on the CPU.


  Gongoozler 08:31 17 Sep 2003

Hi again Tidus.
If the crashing is happening a few minutes after booting, then overheating is a likely cause. Modern fast Athlons will overheat very quickly if the heatsink is not fitted properly or the fan not working properly. If you hit the Delete key while the system is booting you can monitor the processor temperature. If it rises above about 60C, then you probably have a problem in that area.

  Gongoozler 08:32 17 Sep 2003

Hi Bodi. We are obviously thinking on the same lines here!

  Tidus 13:00 17 Sep 2003

Thanks for all the help guys, its much appreciated.

Ive re seated everything, and i re installed Windows XP, set the bios to default, and so far, it hasnt crashed in about 1 hour (touch wood).

1 thing i noticed though, my graphics card fan isnt working, i asked my brother about this, and he said it hasnt been working for about 1 year, so, is this the problem? maybe its just 1 day to much for it?

Also, do you think its just a broken motherboard?.


  xania 20:17 17 Sep 2003


If any fan does not work, you can expect some overheating to occur - and this WILL affect then component some time - when you least expect it. Try spinning the fan (with the PC switched off) and then see if it starts up. If not VERY CAREFULLY, spin it whilst the PC is running and see if that makes any difference. Once you can get some electrical movement out of the fan give it a blast of air and you could be OK. Otherwise, see if oyu can get a replacement fan (if its not soldered to the board) or invest in a new graphics card.

NB - you mobo sounds fine to me - otherwise, you wouldn't get past the starting POST.

  Bodi 11:30 18 Sep 2003

er - after your advice, do you think Tidus has fingers to type a reply? <grin>

Sorry, couldn't resist - er and there is a silence.


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