My pages have gone funny

  hatrickj 17:22 06 Jan 2011

If you look at click here
you'll see that the page, PCA welcone screen is not as it should be, The same applies to the pages of other forums etc that I access.

Can anyone think of a reason for the oddity and, as importantly, how to get back to notmal? Thanks

Win7 Home Premium
Usual browser Firefox

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 06 Jan 2011

Switch off all ad ons in FF and retry
Run FF in safemode and see if its the same.

  hatrickj 22:38 06 Jan 2011

Tried but no difference and IE has the same problem

  hatrickj 15:41 08 Jan 2011

Are there other suggestions out there? Please.

  lotvic 00:13 09 Jan 2011

I get that now and again, I find that clicking on 'Reload the Page' in FF brings it back up to normal display by refreshing the page.

  hatrickj 12:52 09 Jan 2011

Something to try, thanks,:) butin my case it has happened to all the sites I visit regularly.

@ everyone

May seem daft, but could someone send me, or post a link to a screenshot of what the page should look like?

It may be of some assistance.

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