My Old Disc Stucture - Part 2

  Young Ranger 18:33 24 Aug 2004

Part one is :
click here

By deleting all the files that I can manually, I have reduced the orginal folder/file size from 11GB to 391 MB but I'm now down to files that I just cannot get rid of.

I have tried several utilies such as DeleteOn Boot, DrDelete, [email protected] and Delete Doctor, all without sucess. I have also tried to delete in safe mode, rename and delete and changing the folder properties without success.

When I right click on any of these files I only get the options of "Open" or "Send to".

They all seem to have verylong names. EG:


To my untutored eye, this looks like a bit of html ?

Any sugestions please.

  johnsims 19:03 24 Aug 2004

Get hold of a Win98 boot disk from click here, save it to floppy and boot to a DOS prompt. Navigate to the offending files and delete them. If they are long filenames you will either need to enclose the entire filename within quotes (e.g. del "thisisthelongfilename.???" ) OR use the tilde ( ~ ) as is is shown in the DOS listing of the files.

To move to the folder from A:\ type C: [return]
to move to the folder from c: type cd foldername [return]
If they are in C:\folder1\folder2\folder3 navigate by typing cd folder1\folder2\folder3 then use the del command followed by the filename as above.

  johnsims 19:05 24 Aug 2004

Forgot - to get a listing of the filenames once you are in the appropriate folder type dir [return]

  Young Ranger 21:02 24 Aug 2004

Forgive my ignorance but does that fact that I am running XP make any difference?

I got as far as the C: prompt but after that I just get "invalid command". If the folder is "documents and settings" do I type it "cd documents and settings\" or in some other form?

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