My new Vista laptop will have MS Works...

  hawthorn59 18:40 06 Jan 2008

Im getting my laptop tomorrow and have decided to go for Vista. Also I notice the laptop will have MS Works on it. I used to have Works Suite but lost the disk. I never used AutoRoute and Encarta etc but did find that the MS Word word processor was good as people with office (most people!) could open attachmants i sent.

Does Works have the Word word processor? I think I recall it was just called MS Works word processor, and an attachment wouldnt open in Word (office). This would be bad! But while playing with it in the pc shop I now think it has the MS Word wp, but Im not sure.

Right now I use Open Office, but while good, it wont open old Works spreadsheets or databases.

Q2, unrelated (sorry!) i do believe my new laptop has Windows Media Player 11. I have 10 on my current laptop and heard some bad things about 11, about not being able to retrieve licenses etc. And I vaguely remember some other negative things. Whats your opinions? Am i stuck with it? Actually I mainly use i-Tunes.


  DieSse 18:51 06 Jan 2008

"Does Works have the Word word processor?"

It used to be that MSWorks didn't have Word, but the MSWorks Suite did have Word (In fact I was once shipped an MSWorks suite by a wholesaler, to give me Word for a client at a lower price than actually buying Word on it's own!!).

So what matters is - how the latest version are packaged - and which package you will be getting.

You need to ask the supplier, or just find out when it arrives.

  MCE2K5 18:51 06 Jan 2008

I have Microsoft Works 8.5, It's got Word Processor, Spreadsheet, DataBase & Caledar.

I'm also using WMP 11, No problems with Licences for me,

Although my OS is Microsoft Windows (Pro) Media Center 2005.

  Killo Bite 01:38 07 Jan 2008

Works Suite (only most current available is 2006 OEM) and this comes with Word. click here
If you have a student and require Excel, powerpoint & Word then I would sugest Office 2007 Student & Teacher also a good idea if you have more than the laptop in the same household, as it can be installed on 3 machines.

  Taff™ 06:18 07 Jan 2008

Works 8 doesn`t include MS Word so keep using OpenOffice. To convert Works word processor formats the easiest way is to open them in Works and save in .rtf (Rich Text Format) which OpenOffice can open.

Office 2007 Student & Teacher Edition doesn`t include Outlook but if you are a student the Pro Education version includes Publisher, Access and outlook for about £140 inc VAT.

  MCE2K5 17:10 07 Jan 2008

Works 8.5, click here

  Taff™ 11:45 08 Jan 2008

Thats the Works Word Processor which is a cut down version of the full MS Word program. If you save a file in your program it defaults to .wps however I notice you can now save in a .doc format (Word 97 - 2003) In previous versions I don`t think that was possible.

If thehill has previous documents in .wps format I think he may have to download a converter if current versions of Word won`t open them. click here

The alternative is as I said before.

  sunny staines 11:59 08 Jan 2008

the days of free ms office on new computers are long gone now. my first pc came with ms office, my second was £40 upgrade from works to office. now it just time limited editions or works if your lucky and you do not even get the disc.

  hawthorn59 14:01 08 Jan 2008

Ive never had office. I have had Works Suite however, so any attachments i sent could be opened in Word. But it looks like I will be able to do that now with Works 8.5.

While I have Open Office its probably too powerful for me, and it wont open spreadsheets I created in Works Suite.


  Taff™ 08:26 09 Jan 2008

If you open those spreadsheet files and do a File>Save As, then choose a Comma Seperated Values as your file type (.CSV) - Open Office can open those. Then save them as .XLS for compatibility with MS Office Excel.

By the way, In OpenOffice you can set the default save types to MS Compatible Options. In any OO program go to Tools>Options and in the left hand pane select the Load/Save option by clicking the + sign and then general. At the bottom you will see two drop down boxes. Select the left hand drop down option and match the right hand box with the appropriate MS Office type, generally 97/2000/XP.

  hawthorn59 03:43 08 Mar 2008

Can I open old works databases in Open Office?


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