my new self build pc starts for 4 secs then stops

  peasandbarley 17:53 17 Sep 2005

i have built a new pc from scratch using all new parts,i bought base unit hard drive ,then a msi motherboard,then amd 64 processor and fan and then 512 crucail memory that crucial say is compatable with my motherboard, rather than add all the other bits and pieces in floppy drives cd drives etc,i only connected a monitor keyboard and mouse to start with in case of problems ,if all was ok i would start adding the others .i pressed the start button and the fan on the pc went on for 4 secs i took out the power lead then put it in again and the same thing keeps happening,i checked all my connections and even moved the memory into different slots but still the same thing keeps happening,can any buffs out there please advise what the problem could be

  Dorsai 18:13 17 Sep 2005

1. Is the CPU fan spinning? If not, the board may be turning off to prevent the CPU immolating its self.

2. Take the memory out. The board should boot with out it.

3. Make sure the GFX card is fully plugged in.

4. Check that the "clear CMOS" jumper is in the "normal/run" position.

5. Clear the CMOS (just to make sure).

6. Are you sure the GFX card is suitable?

7. Does the GFX card require a seperate power connector?

8. Have you plugged in all the Motherboard power conenctors? (MY PC has 3.)

9. Are you sure the Board supports the CPU you have got?

Just a first impression. Try one at a time.

  Dorsai 18:15 17 Sep 2005

Does it make any beeps?

If so what?

(IE Long beep, short beep, Long beep, long beep...etc)

  interzone55 18:19 17 Sep 2005

How many beeps do you get?

  Eric10 18:28 17 Sep 2005

One cause of a this behaviour can be a stuck or incorectly connected power switch. The switch should only make contact when pressed but if a constant signal is presented to the motherboard then the power supply shuts off after approximately 4 seconds. I would advise you to recheck the case connections to the motherboard.

  Dorsai 18:39 17 Sep 2005

Indeed yes. As you say, a constantly "pressed in" on switch becomes an "off switch."

  €dstowe 18:44 17 Sep 2005

Do you have good contact between the CPU and its heatsink/fan combination (this is an extension of Dorsai's first question)?

  peasandbarley 15:09 18 Sep 2005

hello thanks a million for your help,checked what you said then took fan and processor out i noticed 2 pins were bent at one of the corners,when i staightened them up they broke off,does this mean my processor is now goosed or can it still be used,i put pc back together again fan works ok but unfortunetly nothing at all on screen.every 5 -7 seconds i get a dull bleep that lasts for 2 seconds any suggestions?also while im on, the on off button doesnt seem to switch on and off,i tried the tip of holding it in for 4 secs and it worked but should i have to do this or have i wired it wrong.thanks again for your help

  Dorsai 15:19 18 Sep 2005

Broken pins in CPU=Dead CPU.

When you have a new CPU, use no force whatever to insert it. It should just drop in. click here like this.

If force is needed, you are doing something wrong.

Perhaps this will here

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