Is my new RAM faulty ?

  madbull 16:30 25 Sep 2006

a couple of weeks ago i installed a new stick of RAM on this PC alongside the old one. I used CPU-z to get the specs, the old stick is 128MB of PC2100, the new 256MB PC2100, buffering latencys ect are all the same but the manufacturers are different, the original stick was unbranded. (the motherboard wasn't registered at crucial and the manual only stated it took PC1600 or PC2100 RAM.)

As a final check before buying the new RAM i ran the PC with 1 stick of 512MB PC3200 from my own PC and the original 128MB PC2100 stick for a bit over 2 weeks and probably over 100 hours. Different speeds, sizes, latencys, manufacturers and no errors or problems.

Since installing the new RAM i bought about 3 weeks ago the PC has crashed twice. It ran fine for about 20 hours before crashing the first time and another 20 hours before crashing the second time, corrupting the registry in the process which resulted in a complete reinstall. It only crashed once in 2 years before putting in the new RAM.

I got a program called memtest86 to check the 2 PC2100 sticks i was uing when it crashed and got the following results.

1: ran memtest with both sticks by themselves 2 hours, 8 passes, no errors.

2: ran memtest with 256MB in slot1 and 128MB in slot 2. For those who know the software tests 1,2,4,6,7 & 8 ran fine, test3 had 2 errors and test 5 had a lot of errors (200k plus). I swapped the sticks in the slots and got the same results.

So i am stuck,
the PC ran fine using a stick of PC3200 which had nothing in common with the original memory.
With a stick which meets every specification of the manual and installed memory it crashes.

  Legolas 18:13 25 Sep 2006

Memory is without doubt the most fickle of computer hardware I used to get cheap memory and had nothing but trouble. Now I only get my memory from crucial and all has been well.

  Input Overload 19:17 25 Sep 2006

Download Memtest, burn it to Cd using Nero or similar using the 'Burn Image' format. You then need to set your Pc to boot from Cd to run Memtest (free) click here

  Input Overload 19:19 25 Sep 2006

Sorry missed the bit in your post regarding Memtest.. red face doh

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