My New portable slim hard drive need your help.

  Big Sola 01:03 27 Jul 2007

Hi Everyone, I have just bought a new portable slim external hard drive connectable through the USB connection. The item is connected with my laptop, it is discovered on my computer as drive E:/ but I could not get it partioned or even format the drive to enable me save file on it. Pls could anybody assist to guide me on how to make use of this new drive. I had sometimes had the experience that I could use the disk manager on the window to detect and configure the drive but I am lost on how to access the disk maanger platform on the computer. I am still using window xp home edition as I am yet to study and understand the window vista. Please take me through the process in a simpler way as I am a novies.
Thank you

  ambra4 02:30 27 Jul 2007

Go to this site and at the bottom of pictures of HD cases there is instruction on formatting the new drive just follow the instructions

Installing the Hard Drive in Windows XP

click here

  wee eddie 09:27 27 Jul 2007

that if the HDD is powered through the USB Port you may have Power Supply problems.

Such drives frequently use USB's current to it's limit and if the power drops off, the Drive may not function properly.

  wee eddie 09:42 27 Jul 2007

"as your battery looses it's charge"

  Big Sola 13:03 31 Jul 2007

Plenty Thanks to ambra4 who assisted with the right information to solve my problem.
I also say thank you to wee eddie for his advice.
I am now through with the problem as directed by the site introduced by ambra4.
Thank you all

  ambra4 15:44 31 Jul 2007

Glad to hear up and running

don't forget to tick the solved box


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