My new external hard drive... how do i use it!

  ynohtna 15:22 04 Jul 2007

Hi all!
Ok, ive just bought a new Seagate Free Agent 320GB External Hard Drive for my laptop (Acer 1605lc). My sole intetion was to use the external to free up space (mainly my 10000+ iTunes on the internal (60gb which only has around 11% free (approx 55GB used) - i guess the lack of memory is why i cant update my Norton antivirus and have major trouble connecting to the net even with 3gb Broadband). The only instructions in the box are 'plug in and enjoy'. Theres no software or anything fancy. So, i plugged the hard drive into the laptop, it identified my new mass storage device, so far so good.... but what now...? how do i move all my music across, re-pointing the file names so all my music is where it should be and ready to be used... what about backing up the entire contents of my laptop as well... is it just a case of copy / paste my c drive or do i need something more..... maybe im just a dummy!

  Kate B 15:41 04 Jul 2007

It will show up in My Computer as a new drive. You might have to format it to NFTS - which I'd recommend - and then simply drag and drop folders on to it from your C drive that you want to copy.

  ynohtna 15:48 04 Jul 2007

Ok, simple enough! how about all my itunes etc...? and what if i were to use it as a back up...

  Totally-braindead 15:52 04 Jul 2007

There are many ways of doing it and no way is the right way its what you find easiest.
You can drag and drop, I would recommend for instance creating a folder called Imusic or whatever you like and drag and dropping into that. Or you can right click on your music files and click send to and your external drive should be listed there and you just send it to the file on your external drive.
One thing I should mention perhaps, you cannot move programs onto the external drive, just the files, if you want to put some of the programs onto the external drive you will have to delete them from C and reinstall them from the CD and choose to install them on the external drive. This is because when you install a program it put different bits of the programs in different places and alter the registry so the program knows where all the bits are.
If you want to back up your entire hard drive you need a program like Acronis Drive Image, I think the cheapest place to get it just now is on Amazon, its about £20. you can't just back it up without an external program is because windows cannot copy files that are in use, therefore if you are using windows it cannot copy the windows files as you are using them if you see what I mean.

  mikesuther 16:29 04 Jul 2007

I had a similar dilema when I bought my external hard drive. Click Start menu then goto my computer, you will see all the drives connected to your laptop. The one you are intrested in is the drive called seagate.

Open it, you should now see an empty white box. on the left you will see create new folder. create folder and call it for example itunes.

Now click start, and open your hard drive on laptop and find the itunes folder. Double click the folder now goto edit and click select all, the songs will turn blue. Now while holding down the left button move your mouse so that the files are over the seagate drives open window.

Once over the seagate window and you have released the left button all of your itunes will transfer over to your hard drive. depending on the size this will take soe time. Do this over and over again until you have copied all the various folders that you want.

once you have done that you can if you wish delete the files on your laptop. just out of curiosity do you defragment your hard drive if you do not once you have finished copying files and remove the programs from laptop defragment both drives.

Hope this helps


  hkbs 19:42 04 Sep 2007

Hi, I have also just bought a 320gb FreeAgent. It appears to be formatted NFTS. I am not sure if I have to partition it somehow or just create folders to copy my PC files.
I have backed up my entire PC, which has one hard disk partitioned as C, D and E drives, to the FreeAgent with Acronis.
Any advice would be gratefully received.


  me123 22:00 16 Oct 2007

just a quick question...
im getting an external hard drive soon..

i was wonderin if registry entries are placed on the computer wen installing & running programs off the actual external hard drive itself...

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