My new business site - reloaded

  Maurellis 12:43 08 Jan 2004

I have made some changes according to suggestions given. Does it view more accurately now? What else should I do to improve it? click here

  jgosden 13:23 08 Jan 2004

Well done much better...

My only comment are that on one of your pages, dealers info i think the buttons are slightly bigger than on the other pages, i don't imagine that this owas on purpose but needs correcting.

Also on some of the pages you should changethe font from Times New Roman to verdana or something as Times New Roman looks naff.

The spinning car on some of the pages is a little annoying and not really nessecary. You could even try and use photos instead of animating clipart.

WELL DONE though the site does look better than it did.

Thats a massive improvement but it is still not centering properly.

the top banner is aligned to the left and the body of the page is centred in the browser window. click here for a screenshot of the problem.

  jgosden 13:38 08 Jan 2004


it don't look like that in any pcs's i've tried it in.

  Taran 14:08 08 Jan 2004

Your code is a bit confused.

Some of your CSS has somehow migrated north to the top of the page, between the <!DOCTYPE.... and opening <HTML> tags. It reads as follows:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">


.style3 {color: #FFFFFF}

.style4 {color: #00FFFF}

.style6 {color: #9933CC}


Obviously this means that those styles will not work at all.

Further down the page you have a lot of table colours that are not quote marked:

<TABLE borderColor=#000066 should be

<TABLE bordercolor="#000066" and al the other table attributes need to be quote marked. Some browsers will know what it should look like while others will struggle.

you've given the table at the bottom of your page a height attribute. Table height should be assigned in the cell values, not the table itself. Height attributes for the table tags are not supported well at all, but just about every browser knows that a 25 pixel high cell is, in fact, 25 pixels high.

Again, there are loads of missing quote marks and you have multiple <span class=""> tags applied to the same text, like this:

<SPAN class=style25><SPAN class=style17><BR><SPAN class=style66>This is a new site so there are only a
limited number of advertisers as yet. </SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

That's three <span> tags applied to one sentence and three different CSS styles. Note the missing quote marks.

Your top and bottom navigation bars do not mirror one another. The buttons are in a different order on both and while this may seem petty, good, consistent layout can make a big difference to any site.

I think you have a good layout but you are getting involved in a tweak here, a nip and tuck there, and the result is code overspill and a messy page - I mean that in terms of the underlying code, not the visual layout which I quite like.

If you don't mind a suggestion, why not tackle the page from scratch, without CSS and concentrate on your layout without worrying about the formatting. You could rip out a vast amount of the code from that page and it would load faster, align properly and you'd probably cure 99% of your problems with it by taking out all the spurious and contradictory code.

  Maurellis 14:44 08 Jan 2004

I have made this site using Dreamweaver MX 2004. However, I am not up to much with HTML so don't really know how to make changes to it. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile I'll have another go at re-organising the site.
Thanks to all.

  Taran 15:11 08 Jan 2004

At the risk of being forward, take a look here: click here

It's the result of about 15 minutes of Dreamweaving and I've put a download link at the bottom of the page for a zip file containing the HTML document, images and flash buttons.

Note that I cheated outrageously. Although I tried to keep your overall layout and colours, there are no ALT tags on any of the image files, I used a blank HTML Transitional page from Dreamweaver but the content is not really HTML Transitional at all and the code is very probably not valid due to the inclusion of all those Flash buttons with their embed tags.

I'm not a fan of fixed width tables or centred text, but that's entirely personal and we'd be in big trouble if everyone liked what I like, so...

It does address a great many of the issues your pages are suffering from though. I think you may have just chopped and changed things so many times that Dreamweaver probably got a headache.

Dreamweaver is an excellent program but it does throw a fit now and then and produce something quite unexpected. I'd imagine that's where all of your nested span tags and unquoted code came from.

Have a look at the page I've done (despite its obvious flaws) and compare its code to yours. My page it 8k with 118 lines of code, yours is 13k with 254 lines of code. Visually they are quite similar though. That probably just goes to show something, but I'm not sure what.

Anyway, I hope you take this in the spirit is was meant. Looking and comparing is an interesting way of learning and despite the fact that I did a quick and nasty mock-up you should be able to see what I mean about the mixed up style tags and missing quote marks.

Hope it helps.



  Maurellis 15:34 08 Jan 2004

Thanks for that. I will have a look at the hTML but, as I am an absolute beginner it may take me some time to understand it. Meanwhile, I have made the suggested alterations - Fixed all button sizes, made the bottom nav bar to match the top banner, changed all fonts to verdana and removed the spinning car. I have also tried to direct the top banner to Centre. Hope it now centres in all your browsers. It always is in the ventre when I log in to my site.
Should I add a couple of photos to the home page - inside layers?
Thanks to here

  Taran 15:47 08 Jan 2004

You still have two split <style> areas, although at least the first one is properly opened and closed now. You also have your second <style> block split up with a whole load of metatags.

I suggest that you do two things:

1. With your page open in Dreamweaver, click on Commands (top toolbar) then select Apply source formatting. This rearrages the underlying code of the page and makes it more readable.

2. Next, if you want to scare yourself, click on File, Check Page, Validate Markup and you will see a ton of possible problems. Most of them can be ignored up to a point, but I'd look at that mixed up series of metatags that interrupt your CSS statements.

  Maurellis 15:58 08 Jan 2004

Thanks Taran,
I have applied Source Formatting and reloaded the site. As far as the validate mark-up part is concerned I can see all the problems but don't understand how to solve them.
Should I copy and paste the meta tags section into another part of the HTML? will this solve any problems?
click here
Despite these problems does the site load property in your browser?

  Taran 16:21 08 Jan 2004

Yes, the site loads and aligns properly now.

In general, this is how your page should be structured:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
"click here">

<title>Your page title</title>


Link to stylesheet or <style type="text/css">

</style> tags go in here



Page content goes in here - this is the bit people see.


The reason I suggested that you start afresh is that it could be quicker to generate a new site and pages than fix and rearrange the code erros in your current page. Although you seem to have addressed many of the issues, as you say, if you don't understand how to fix them it could be easier to begin on a clean slate. If you do, make absolutely sure that you stick to the design view and keep your formatting to a bare minimum.

When I did the sample page earlier I dropped the plain copied text from your site into a simple table, inserted the images and flash buttons and then applied some local formatting to the table and page backgrounds and font colours. That's all.

The trouble with Dreamweaver and most other WYSIWYG editors is that not many of them stop you from making mistakes. In fact, most of them let you charge on and do things that really shouldn't be allowed in the name of slick and efficient code.

It's getting there though.


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