My new business site

  Maurellis 16:25 07 Jan 2004

I have finally placed my first site on the web.
Any useful comments would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards to all.
click here

your home page is not centering properly the frame is left aligned and the content is centred so everything overlaps.

now for the brutal bit, the colours are dreadful so 1986. the font styles could do with modernizing and the top banner 'Essex Cars' is very unclear in the font you have used.

it's all quite neat though so if the centering issues get fixed you'll be well on your way.

the 'website promotion'+ 'more hits now' buttons at the bottom should get the chop it just makes the site look cheap and tacky.

  Sir Radfordin 17:03 07 Jan 2004

Serious problem with the right hand links menu if you have a resolution higher than 800x600!

  Forum Editor 17:30 07 Jan 2004

1. There's a problem with the links panel on the home page - it's obscuring part of the text. I can't tell you what's wrong because I can't see the code. You've disabled right-clicking, but I'm not sure why, there's nothing there to steal is there?

2. I don't see any disclaimer in respect of the claims people will make. It's crucial that you place a statement along the following lines in a prominent place - preferably where both sellers and potential buyers cannot fail to see it:-

"The description of any vehicle advertised for sale on this site has been made by the seller, and cannot be liable for the consequences of any purchasing decision that is based in whole or in part on said description. An agreement to purchase is a matter for the buyer and seller, and do not act as agents for the seller in such circumstances."

3. I think the site would look far better if the fonts were changed. I'm strongly in favour of using Verdana, which to my mind is the best web font there is.

4. A few appropriate images might add something - the site looks a little bare.

5. I think you should collect all your terms and conditions together, in one place, and then have a form with a tickbox on the /classifieds.cgi page. Have a text box on the form saying "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions relating to my use of this site". Get the site to save the form to a directory on the server, or send it to you using the mailto script in your cgi bin. That way you're covered if someone denies seeing the terms.

Good luck with your site.

  jgosden 20:06 07 Jan 2004

you can see the code click on view on the menu bar then source, but i can't see the point in disabling right click.

I agree with forum editor change the fonts and colours and the site will look much more profeesional. Verdana is may favourite font and is used on many websites, i really dislike Times New Roman.

I would also reccomend you lose the links bar as unless i use 800x600 res it looks rubbish and covers the text. maybe you could introduce a
links page seperate but you want to change it.

On the dealers page the text
covers the menu on my laptop, must be to do with the resolution.

What program did you make this with??

Yous seem to have used layers for your link bar. I would not reccomend this you would be much better off using tables like must other websites. You could just have 3 cell invisible table
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=100%>
<td width=33%>
cell 1 blurb 33%
</td><td width=33%>
cell 2 contents 33%
</td><td width=33%>
cell 3 links 33%

though i would suggest losing the links here altogether. Your cgi scripts seem fine though. I'm sorry if i seem really mean i don't mean to be i was just trying to help.


  jgosden 20:41 07 Jan 2004

i told you the table wrong that will give you 3 cells the same. Which ain't wat u want

You should have the outer 2 cells 15% each and the middle 70%



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