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  slightlymad 11:28 31 May 2008

I've set up a website whose primary purpose is to provide custom email addresses: click here. I would welcome feedback about both the design and content - I'm particularly concerned about clarity - have I used too much jargon, or overlooked anything, whether it reads OK...

When you've been working on a site for a long time it's easy to miss the wood for the trees, and a perspective from fresh eyes would be much appreciated.

  slightlymad 12:06 31 May 2008

I couldn't decide...

I thought I'd use both (failing to anticipate keen-eyed visitors liked you) so that both keywords were covered. I'll use "email" throughout now that the disparity is evident.

Lookin' cloudy now, put that trowel away and tell me more.

  slightlymad 12:28 31 May 2008

Thanks, fourm member, everything you say is valid and I'll certainly make those changes. I won't close this just yet in case you or anyone else wants to add more.

  Forum Editor 13:21 31 May 2008

you should remove all references to 'ownership' when talking about domain names. What you buy when you register a name is the exclusive right to the use of the name for a specified period and nothing more, you don't 'own' the name at all.

You've mentioned trademarked names and when you do that you must acknowledge the trademark. I find the best way to do it on websites is to place a generic acknowledgement with the copyright claim: 'all trademarks hereby acknowledged'. This is fine unless you make heavy use of a name when writing about say, Microsoft PowerPoint for instance. In that context you would place an acknowledgment at the end of the text: 'PowerPoint is a registered trademark of the Microsoft corporation.' or you can place the trademark symbol on the word itself. Either way you must acknowledge your use of trademarks in published text.

I like the image quality, but they are too large physically, and dominate the pages. Some of them are not particularly relevant to the subject matter.

Otherwise I like the site, it's clean and concise and the colour-scheme is excellent.

  Kemistri 13:38 31 May 2008

There only thing that is as cringe-making as inserting apostrophes where they do not belong is missing them out where they should be used:

"What's wrong with using my ISPs address?"

That guy looks very happy about being able to jump like that, but he would look more at home on a music download site. Still, it's a lot more pleasant than the image of a bloke having his shorts pulled off. What's with that?!

It's e-mail. As in e-commerce and (cringing in anticipation) e-tailer.

  Kemistri 13:39 31 May 2008

"The only thing..." Changed flow mid-sentence, I think.

  Forum Editor 15:27 31 May 2008

I use email exclusively, and wouldn't ever use e-mail, any more than I would use air-mail.

It doesn't really matter one iota which you prefer, as long as there's consistency.

  Kemistri 15:45 31 May 2008

We'll have to agree to disagree on that small point, but the dictionaries that I have to hand all favour e-mail. (And air-mail).

  slightlymad 19:02 31 May 2008

Kemistri: The missing apostrophes were purely due to my sloppy finding-and-replacing, all fixed now. I can explain the bloke with his shorts being pulled down - he's part of a rugby team, my tenuous connection to the title above: "Email accounts for your TEAM". A bit cringey I'll grant you, as is the American Indian with the laptop explaining HOW... All images are subject to change - I just wanted some sort of imagery - but I do like Leapy Lee on the home page. I knew I had to have him the moment I spotted him.

As for the E-MAIL vs EMAIL debate, I too always thought it was E-MAIL but Google always asks if I'm sure I don't mean EMAIL, and Google rules as far as the site is concerned. Incidentally, to my utter astonishment the site comes No 1 if you search the UK for "custom email names" - and it hasn't been up very long.

FE and FM: I've amended the text regards domain name ownership, and I'm glad that you pointed out this important point. I've also placed a trademark statement in the footer of the pages that require it.

I'm on a laptop at my daughter's, where I'll be staying a few more days but I do intend to decrease the size of those images when I get home to my desktop, which has image-editing software. I'll also need to alter the size of that left column, which I initially intended to be devoted to case studies/scenarios but I changed direction somewhere along the way... The image size has actually been a small niggle and to have my misgiving echoed means I'll definitely put it to rights.

Thanks, everyone - again, I'll leave this open a little longer to see if anyone else has anything to add.

  IClaudio 19:28 31 May 2008

I like the big graphics, though I think you should be consistent in the sizes from page to page. The colour scheme is just right.

I like ArtyIT's other sites too...

  Forum Editor 08:51 01 Jun 2008

and it's interesting to note that you're using my favourite hosting company.

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