Is my new Asus laptop faulty?

  PorkSoda 22:17 01 Mar 2014

Okay so I think I have some faults with my new Asus N550LF laptop and I'm wondering if anyone can put a bit of light on this problem. I wasn't sure on where to post this so forgive me if this is the wrong place.

The first fault (and the biggest one for me) is a clear white noise when using any type of headphones. The noise seems to come and go but is especially triggered when playing any sort of sound (ie. youtube, wmp). For example if I start a song on Windows Media Player then immediately pause, the irritating white noise will linger on for a few minutes after before stopping, but often coming back for no reason. The sound sort of sounds like gushing wind sometimes. It would definitely ruin any music I listen to, especially in the more quieter parts.

Note: I've also tried multiple pairs of working headphones and have taken the laptop to a different room to use in case the problem was interference but it wasn't.

The second fault is an extremely loud fan noise even when there is no activity on my laptop. It can come by simply playing one song on Windows Media Player after switching it on. But it always comes within about an hour of the laptop being on and I'm hardly utilizing the laptops power when it does. And even though the fan is really loud, it's not overheating as the belly of the laptop is still cool to the touch. The laptop is getting plenty of fresh air as it's sitting on a well ventilated laptop cooler. To put it simply, there is a loud fan noise coming from the laptop, even with absolute inactivity.

I have no idea what's causing both of these problems but I'm sure it's nothing I've done. These two faults were very apparent just after using the laptop for half an hour on the first day I got them.

I'm probably going to attempt an exchange/refund but I just wanted a few opinions on this first. And whether there's a specific name for these two problems so I know what to say when I take it back.

Help appreciated

  Ex plorer 23:34 01 Mar 2014

Sounds as though it could be picking up the fan noise you mention.

If you turn the volume down does the noise decrease and increase as as its turned up or dose it stay at constant level.

  Ex plorer 23:39 01 Mar 2014

Hi found this See Here

  Ex plorer 00:06 02 Mar 2014

In Control Panel or however you access your audio there would seem to be a wizard to set up the audio settings. See here for your laptop.

  rdave13 01:21 02 Mar 2014

Send it back or take it back from where you bought it. Explain the problem, as you've done here, and quote this site and your complaint. As it is new it seems to be not fit for purpose and you should not try anything to rectify it as it is the seller's problem and they will have to contact Asus to resolve it.

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