My Networkig Controller

  john bunyan 16:32 15 Dec 2009

Needs its drivers installed every time I start my PC.
Running W 7 Ultimate 64 bit, PC Tools firewall, Avira anti virus. All latest drivers installed. When I start the PC from a shut down, there is a red sign on the network symbol in the tray. I have to go to Device manager, NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller, and as I am not connected to the net, install drivers found on the PC. Then it works fine. Is there a fix that ensures that the drivers at shut down are remembered? It never happend on XP, from which I switched about 2 weeks ago. (Clean install of W7)Maybe to do with W7 and this particular Network controller?

  retep888 16:55 15 Dec 2009

Details of your systems please, i.e. what motherboard have you got?

Might have to update the chipset driver.

  howard64 16:57 15 Dec 2009

when you installed w7 did you run the mobo cd?

  john bunyan 17:12 15 Dec 2009

Motherboard : MSI K8M SLI-F, Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4 SLI, AMD Dual core 2200 (4400) .I had this W7 claen installed by a shop; he claimed it was ok with him! There is stuff on Google on this but it seems to involve obscure advanced tweaks to the drivers, and I am a bit loathe to fiddle!

Not sure what is the mobo cd - I assumed that drivers were auto detected by windows? It was a clean reinstall in the end after a period of dual booting with XP.

  john bunyan 17:35 15 Dec 2009

Mis spell it is MSI K8N SLI -F.

  retep888 17:56 15 Dec 2009

Your motherboard is 4-5 years old,the motherboard CD was built for XP,therefore no good for Win7.

Win7 should have all the relevent drivers built in,so was it working fine when dual booting with XP?

  john bunyan 18:44 15 Dec 2009

No, 3 years old and 64 bit w7 working well in all respects except for this one issue. Prior to installing W7, I ran the W7 Utilities programme and it reported all was ok for 64 bit W7.The problem only manifested itself when I dumped XP having dual booted with XP for 3 weeks and finding W 7 ok for me. Now I only have W7 and this is the sole issue. The network card works fin after I manually update drivers fron PC.The PC has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 7 in W7 64 bit so it is atill ok for a while!

  john bunyan 09:17 16 Dec 2009

I think this is an issue with network address - getting a error code 0x79 Belkin. Will investigate further.

  howard64 09:22 16 Dec 2009

even though the original cd was for xp and not w7 you will possibly find that certain drivers for the mobo will be what is needed. These may well get updated for w7 but are needed to start with.

  john bunyan 14:40 16 Dec 2009

Thanks. The drivers work ok each time they are loaded. Sometimes the device loads ok, and does not drop out. In event viewer, there is a message along the lines of " Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHEP ?? server) for the network card with address 0x003D399DD94 - the folliwing error occured: 0x79 Belkin." I have an ethernet connected Belkin N+ wireless modem / router and wonder if there is an IP issue?

  retep888 15:12 16 Dec 2009

I don't think it's your network adapter problem,it's rather a internet connection(router related?)one because if it worked before ,it should work afterwards.

In fact when you "reinstall the driver,you have flushed the DNS" router's DHCP works again and reloads the IP address.

I think if you only right click the tray network symbol and choose troubleshoot problems should do the trick.

Anyway when you went to device manager,did you see a yellow question or exclamation mark alongside the network adapter at all?

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