My network cuts out

  Brian_21 00:45 21 Jul 2006

i have a problem with my network i have 2 wirless network cards and im on a belkin network modem one computer is in my bedroom and one is in the loft after a certain amount of time the connection disappears and the ethernet light cuts out

pls help brian

  FelixTCat 07:35 21 Jul 2006

Hi Brian,

Please try and give us a bit more information to work on.

Where is the router?
Is it wired to any pc or is it wireless only?
Which model of Belkin?
Which ethernet light cuts out - router or pc? Wired or wireless?
Do both pcs lose the signal?



  ade.h 13:19 21 Jul 2006

I can't see the connection (no pun intended) between your PCI wireless adapters and an Ethernet light. Unless you have an Ethernet-connected client that you haven't mentioned.

  Brian_21 13:37 22 Jul 2006

k this is my feedback the router is in the computer in the loft the computers are connected wirless 2 it it is a wireless G router and it is the ethernet light on the modem that cuts out and yes both pcs lose the signal hope this is any help to you

  ade.h 14:13 22 Jul 2006

Not much help at all really. If both clients are connected via wi-fi, then there will not be any Ethernet lights (numbers 1 through 4) on the router.

Can you clarify whether you have a modem/router or a Cable/DSL router?

  Brian_21 17:34 22 Jul 2006

hey well sorry im quite new to it and thats why i need help well it is connect through a Dsl router because its the ethernet light on my cable modem that cuts out and it doesnt let me back on the internet without havin to muck about with the ethernet cable till it lights back up

sorry if this is not much help but it is the best that am tryin to explain it to.

  ade.h 17:59 22 Jul 2006

Right, well at least we now know what the problem actually is and where it lies - with the modem or its RJ45 cable, not the router.
Have you tried a new cable yet? Does the modem function happily when used in a direct connection to a client PC without a router?

  Brian_21 19:23 22 Jul 2006

hey i have not tried it without a router because one pc used to work fine without the need of a router do u think i may need an adapter for the wireless network i will try it with a new cable and get back to u asap i have a cat six cable goin into the router from the modem do u think thats wat the problem is. thanks for ur help mate

  Brian_21 19:34 22 Jul 2006

k to put another twist in this will this help me not havin to take the power away from the router everytime it loses connection and the router is hot when you feel it is this normal.

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