My neighbour - again!!!

  Les 22:58 27 Jul 2006

Those of you who have seen this heading before will know that this neighbour of mine is always in trouble - it seems that he is unable to resist trawling the seamier pages of the 'net or opening emails from unknown sources. Now he has complained that his computer was freezing after, apparently finishing the boot up - his icons were on screnn - his mouse then froze.

I got it into safe mode then ran AVG - it found two Trojans and 1 virus - it eliminated the virus but did't report amy action being taken on the Trojans ( Trojan Horse Generic LVC - listed as eied_87_c_28.exe and )

Rebooted the machine, this time all was OK - but - his broadband connection icon on the taskbar had disappeared. Ran Outlook Express and it attempted to connect to Homecall Broadband - Zonealarm stopped it.

Another problem he has, and this may be significant, is that the ACG Resident program is not active. I actually reinstalled AVG yesterday for him when he complained and it was definately active then - now it is not!

Any ideas if what's happening would be appreciated. I intend to run Ewido on it tomorrow.

One good thing is that he has listened to me and saced his very important data - at least something got through G>

  dazwm 23:01 27 Jul 2006

If everything is saved do a format to be on the safe side and save a lot of time.

  skidzy 23:10 27 Jul 2006

Maybe trying an online scanner if he has internet access click here (housecall)

Also have you tried disable
system restore/reboot/enable system restore.

Make sure he knows that he will lose any restore points that were availble.

Make sure the recycle bin is empty before turning off system restore.
Hope this helps

  Les 23:39 27 Jul 2006

Thanks to both for your replies.

He has no Operating System disk ! How he got the OS on his Hard Disk or who put it on - I have no idea - presumably the bloke who built it.

He can't get on the 'net at all - Zonealarm won't let him.

He has no Restore Points at all.

  Jak_1 00:31 28 Jul 2006

Has zonealarm been checked to see if the settings have been changed thus blocking the internet connection! If it has been altered to block then simply change it to allow. Also check that IE or whatever browser he uses is also allowed and the email client.

  Les 00:55 28 Jul 2006

Will do - I was pushed for time this evening and he had to go out to - I should see him tom orrow evening. I'll post what happens. Thanks for the reply.

  sean-278262 01:17 28 Jul 2006

what you do is get some net nanny type program thats free and use that to save yourself and put an huge password on it. That might save you some bother. Some people cant resist clicking anything they see.

  Les 09:52 28 Jul 2006

How true.

  Stuartli 13:05 28 Jul 2006

Or move...:-)

  Les 15:03 28 Jul 2006

He's looking for another house - the sooner he finds one the better. Helping people is one thing - but taking their help and ignoring their advice is another, confident in the fact that help will be at hand should he run into further trouble.

Q: What he would have done without that help?

A: Disappointed close on 500 people who depended on his use of a computer to organise a very large Tennis tournament. I couldn't let his arrogant manner to jeopardise that - hence the efforts on his behalf.

What he will do when he moves - find another mug I suppose!

Anyway, I do appreciate your efforts, you, as always, do credit to this forum

  Totally-braindead 18:18 28 Jul 2006

I'm afraid I've had a similar problem to you. They persisted in downloading and installing a toolbar which let in all sorts of things. I explained to them what was happening and what was causing it and they agreed not to install it again.

But they did. Twice more I sorted it both times. And told them I was having nothing to do with it again and if it got mucked up again they could take it to a shop and get them to fix it. There was a horrified look at this and I was of course asked how much it would cost. I told them I didn't know but I though it would be a minimum of £50 perhaps more.

They phoned again a couple of months later asking me to fix the PC again. I said no I told you I wasn't wasting any more time take it to a shop. Haven't heard from them since. Thankfully.

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