My neighbour - again!!!

  Les 16:14 03 Nov 2005

This time he has, on his taskbar, a red circle with a white cross, which, when right clicked, comes up with the message "Your computer is infected with spyware. Another window follows that recommending that you click on the circle and windows will download and install a good spyware program' the wording is not exact but that is the gyst of it. By the time he had called me, he had clicked the circle, run AVG, Spybot and Adaware - nothing found.

Would I be correct in suspecting that it was someone wishing to download spyware.

As it was on the taskbar I looked in Msconfig Startup and saw Winstall in there - I've never seen that before.

He has Zonealarm switched on and is using XP Pro.

He was on the net when he first noticed the object on the taskbar - says that he was looking at Canadian Estate Agents. I recall that he was doing this many months ago and did have a virus then - at that time he was on dialup and no firewall - he's on broadband now.

Any clue?

  Splork 16:18 03 Nov 2005
  Les 16:57 03 Nov 2005

Thanks, I thought that winstall shouldn't be there, so I was right - and that IS a change!
Have downloaded the programs and will try to remove it tomorrow when he's at home.

I will post the result. I'll advise him to download the XP patches = he still has the original version and, to my knowledge, has not bothered (par for the course!) to install them.

  Splork 17:00 03 Nov 2005

Hope it works out - if your friend is on broadband then the updates are essential - however remove the problems before installing updates - Service Pack 2 installation can be incomplete if there's spyware on a system.

  Les 22:48 03 Nov 2005

Thanks - I'll tell him but he's so half soaked when the computer is running OK that, unless I do it for him he'll let it slide. I'm sure that fellow users will appreciate that it's difficult to help someone who will not even try to help themselves! He's the sort of bloke who ignores advice until he's in trouble then bleats for help - thank heaven for this forum and the good people who use it, without it he could bleat away to his heart's content for, although I suspected the cause I would not have known how to eliminate it. I'll make sure that his AVG is up to date too for I suspect that this has not been updated since installation some 5 months ago.

  Les 20:24 04 Nov 2005

Using CWShredder did find a virus(?) Home-something or other and 'fixed it. Used the Killbox program, it found only the Winstall program - deleted it. The red circle with a white cross disappeared - would this actually be Windows way of showing a virus of this typeI wonder?

Whilst doing this I had switched off System Restore despite it not have a single restore point. After I had got rid of Winstall and saw that everything appeared to be OK I switched System Restore back on and tried to create a restore point - it threw up a box saying that it couldn't create. System Restore is definately switched on but obviously not working. Any ideas anyone?

  Splork 20:51 04 Nov 2005

Windows has no built-in way of warning you of virus's - Winstall must have come along with something else that does have an icon.
System Restore problems - click here

  Les 22:07 04 Nov 2005

I thinl that you are correct. CWShredder did remove a bug called Home---- (I forget the rest of the filename!) so that, together with removing Winstall, would appear to have been the cure.

Thanks for the link to the relevent page in MS Knowledge - a link on that page pointed to a situation where the message received would be seen on screen - the cure, for him, is not so good for I believe that he has no XP disk.

Bearing in mind what his nature is - I can see him ignoring the problem in the fond hope that it will go away - especially now his main worry has evaporated. His copy of XP contains no updates at all and in view of his lack of a disk (should anything go wrong) I'm not about to install them for him!!

Thanks for your help

  Splork 22:11 04 Nov 2005

No prob, glad you got things sorted.

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