My Music and My Pictures

  obi wan 12:54 30 Jun 2006

Xp Home

I have moved the location of these folders to seperate partitions.

When I go to my pics it behaves like a music folder,eg a musical note it on the background.

Even if I select all folders and customize and tell it I want it to be pics it still does not change the folders. It still shows as a music folder. I have a lot of folders, and sub folders in there. Do I have to do in all individually?

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 13:16 30 Jun 2006

You could try click here

  obi wan 13:30 30 Jun 2006

Thanks VoG

Tried that, but still the folders inside my pics are still behaving as documents.

What i would like to do is go to My Pics, select properties, customize and use this folder as a template for Pictures.But even when I select them all they do not ALL change.

thanks for your time

  ade.h 14:35 30 Jun 2006

I get this all the time - in my case, a lot of my folders, including unchangeable system folders, become photo albums. Here's the cure (which I am well practised at unfortunately!) click here

  obi wan 13:06 02 Jul 2006

Thanks for the help.

Still some of the folders in My music are customised as for documents. If I change the properties individually then it is ok, but if I select more than one it only changes one. I have got a lot of folders in there.

Ho Hum.

  ade.h 17:42 02 Jul 2006

Are you using Regmon and Regedit, as per my link?

  obi wan 09:12 03 Jul 2006

Yes, ade.h
I ran solution 1. The folders themselves ie My Pics and My docs are now ok.

Inside these folders I have many other subfolders etc, but not all of them are customised for, for eg, "best for music files" If I select one at a time it is possible to change them vis "customise". If I select more than one folder then they do not all change properties.

  ade.h 15:24 03 Jul 2006

Don't use solution 1 if you find a number of sub-folders affected - you really need to use solution 2 instead. My apologies for not including that fact, but it is a long time since I looked at that article as I have been frequently using the second solution for a couple of years now on two different PCs, so I automatically think of the second solution as being the only option.

There is a well-known weakness with the checkbox "apply this type to all sub-folders" in that it doesn't apply it properly to existing folders, only to new ones. It does this by adding a new string underneath the parent folder's registry entry, which is entitled "Inherit". This does what it suggests; new sub-folders will inherit the parent folder's view type when this string is present.

There is a third solution, which I often use. You can enter the registry, go to Find.. and type in Photo Album or Pictures, or whatever folder type it is that's causing the problem. By pressing F3 and pasting in "Documents" then pressing Enter and F3 again to move onto the next one, you can reset just the affected folders pretty quickly. This avoids having to resort to the Reset All Folders button on the folder options dialogue box, which is a kind of "sledghammer" option!

TIP: When using Regmon, double-clicking on any of the entries that contain the folder number that you are looking for will take you directly to that folder's settings in the Registry, which saves time and effort.

  obi wan 18:19 03 Jul 2006

Gulp. Thanks Ade.h

That looks real complicated. I will need to study the instructions some more before I attempt anything like that.

Thanks very much for your time, I will let you know how I get on.

  ade.h 18:36 03 Jul 2006

Trust me; it's not complex at all. Just follow the instructions in the link. I probably can't phrase it any better than what you see on that site, so I won't bother reiterating them here.

  obi wan 19:43 03 Jul 2006

Ok mate.

I got to point #8.

I don't understand what "navigate to the 'shell' subkey of that key in the registry" etc means?

Sorry to be a buffoon :(

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