my mums computer

  bdub 11:37 01 Jan 2003
  bdub 11:37 01 Jan 2003

my mum who lives miles away is having problems, if she turns her computer on it freezes during startup,if she unplugs it and restarts its ok,but keeps freezing on occassions.I have talked her thru the following;SFC, all seems ok. Then standard scandisk,ok then thorough scandisk it freezes.It also freezes during defrag.Any ideas?
Win98se /loads of memory/ no silly downloaded programmes or anything like that.

  bdub 11:53 01 Jan 2003

whenever I post a problem no one can ever help,are my problems too difficult?

  firstagent 11:59 01 Jan 2003

No, I think most experts haven't woken up yet>.

Until they do, what about asking your Mum to start up the computer in safe mode. (I think it is press F5 or something on reboot -check on this forum if you don't know). She may find that it reboots OK, which probably means some driver is causing problems. Did she install some drivers for something recently?

  Rayuk 12:02 01 Jan 2003

Enter bios disable fast start up[Maybe hard disk isnt spinning up fast enough on cold boot]
Download Hard drive manufacturers utility disk and checck drive for errors
When does it freeze[what is the pc doing at the time]
May freeze on startup due to a driver issue.
Cold start using safe mode.[see if it freezes]
There are many other things it could be,what are the pc details etc.

  DieSse 12:24 01 Jan 2003

Sounds a lot like a hard disk problem. As Rayuk says, gret the manufacturers diagnostic program for a thorough test of it.

  pj123 12:55 01 Jan 2003

Try this.

Switch on the computer and keep pressing the F8 key until you get a menu. Select 4. Step by Step confirmation and press Enter.

Answer y to all the questions. The question that the computer freezes on is what is causing the problem. Make a note of the bit it is trying to load and post it on the forum.


  Forum Editor 13:09 01 Jan 2003

No, but have a little patience, and give us more information - you don't mention the operating system, the processor, or how much RAM is installed. All of these will help.

On the face of it I agree with the others - it may be a Hard drive problem. I assume that this machine was working OK previously, and that the problem has suddenly manifested itself?

It would also help us to know the exact point at which the machine locks up during the start process.

  snooker 13:27 01 Jan 2003

When I had this problem I heard of someone else who had it caused by dodgy RAM.

I removed half of of my memory and it made a major improvement. (now running on 32mbEDO!)
It needs more of course so before I give the PC to my sister I intend to swap the EDO for 128mb SDRAM.

  slightlymad 13:47 01 Jan 2003

I may be way off track here, but it seems to me that if your mum's PC has never successfully completed scandisk/defrag then this may have something to do with the problem.

It is essential to shut down all the programmes running in the background and to disable the screensaver before scandisking/defragging. Alternatively, start the process in Safe Mode. Also empty the recycle bin, delete temp files and temporary internet files & cookies.

I'm sending you the step-by-step procedure via email, as it's quite lengthy. Apologies if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, or if I'm on the wrong track.

  slimbo51 14:35 01 Jan 2003

A dos based defrag is much quicker.

Just open the command prompt in windows and type in defrag^c:^-v (^ means a space).

If u want to know how fragmented the drive is first substitute the -v with -a

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