My mouse wont doubleclick & has a magnifier on it!

  [email protected] 13:17 03 Oct 2005

My mouse is refusing to double click. I have checked that the latest drivers are installed, I have changed the batteries (still showing as "Low" despite new ones)and also tried the slower-faster rate test under "mouse" in control panel (even at slowest option it will not open the folder). I also have a magnifying glass which keeps appearing and sticking to the cursor and I don't know how/why it arrived or how to make it go !! I have selected "Default" in all the mouse set up options. It is a wireless optical mouse on Windows Xp. I'm wondering if my daughter has clicked it to death? (wireless connectivity is also low but has always been so and nothing changes that!)
Any ideas gratefully received!

  €dstowe 13:24 03 Oct 2005

These things do wear out and your daughter may well have clicked it to death.

Amongst our 20 or so busy computers here, we replace about one mouse every couple of months due to it wearing out - almost always the left click button either failing completely or misbehaving in some way.

  [email protected] 14:08 03 Oct 2005

Thanks I shall look for a new one- it came as a package (wireless mouse /receiver /keyboard ) can I just replace the mouse? My 7 year old daughter works on the principle that you should just keep clicking until something happens!!

  Curio 14:18 03 Oct 2005

No need to buy keyboard as well
click here

  GroupFC 14:30 03 Oct 2005

LOL - "My 7 year old daughter works on the principle that you should just keep clicking until something happens!!" - much the same as my 7 year old son only he just clicks harder and harder!! I've lost count of the number of mice I have had to replaced - now if only I could have a simple set up where he had his own.....!

  [email protected] 16:34 03 Oct 2005

Thanks will get a new one, will it confuse things if I have a "receiver" for the keyboard and a different one for the mouse?

  Curio 19:04 03 Oct 2005

Should be no problems at all

  De Marcus™ 19:11 03 Oct 2005

click here

and then

click here

it's what i did ;-)

  GroupFC 19:40 03 Oct 2005

Nice one! (or rather two!). Bang goes his pocket money for a few weeks!

  De Marcus™ 19:41 03 Oct 2005


It keeps the sticky grime marks off your nice one too!

  [email protected] 13:12 04 Oct 2005

Thanks all- guess what, after a night's sleep it is behaving perfectly! Hopefully it will get me through till I get a new one!!

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