My mouse has a problem...

  hawthorn59 22:39 28 Nov 2009

Hi folks!

Yes my little mouse has a problem! It wont open any file or do anything, except it will move around the screen as normal, and even highlight files, buttons as normal but nothing more. I have to use the pad.

I unplugged it and it installed the drivers again automatically but no improvement.

My laptop has vista. Any ideas?


  Technotiger 22:53 28 Nov 2009

Try a different USB port, or a different mouse.

  hawthorn59 23:29 28 Nov 2009

Actually sorry forgot to mention I tried different usb port but no difference. Mind you it only ever worked in one particular port, is that normal?

Also it always was installed automatically, never asked for cd or anything. I dont think I have one.



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