Is my monitor broke?

  eevie 11:55 04 Oct 2009

I turned my computer on the other day and the monitor had no display. I connected my daughter's monitor and it works fine. I have tried my monitor again and the screen is almost black but you can just about see what it is displaying, this display would be normal if you could see it, i initially thought there was no display at all because it is so black and faint.

I have had a search on monitor problema and there are lots of suggestions about the graphics card, setting etc. Given that a different monitor works perfectly well does this mean my monitor had had it?


  The Kestrel 12:19 04 Oct 2009

Have you tried connecting your monitor to your daughter's PC? If it doesn't work on her PC, it is likely to be your monitor that is damaged.

  eevie 12:44 04 Oct 2009

just thought about trying that after posting original message. No doesn't work on that PC either, so monitor must have had it!


  wee eddie 14:49 04 Oct 2009

the back light is, almost certainly, the culprit.

Most Monitors have a 3 Year Guarantee these days, with the manufacturer ~ Does it come into that category.

Otherwise, the cost of a repair is likely to be close to the cost of a new screen, unless it was a "Top of the Range" one.

  eevie 16:38 04 Oct 2009

Thanks for that, it's a Medion monitor, so I may phone them to see how much they think it will cost, probably not worth it though. It does have a 3 yr warranty, but it's over 5years old.

  wee eddie 11:19 05 Oct 2009

something slightly larger.

Just a word of warning.

The advertisement will tell you your choice's Native Resolution ~ x by y. Make sure that your graphics can handle it. If I want to put in a new Monitor, I either have to add a new Graphics Card or settle for a smaller Monitor with a lower Native Resolution.

  eevie 18:37 05 Oct 2009

Ok, thanks I'll watch out for that.

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