My monitor is alive, it screems once in while

  a_dani19 15:21 06 Mar 2003

not such a drastic problem but eversince i bought a gigabyte maya 9000 pro graphics card, my monitor has started screeming.

Its not a constant wail but whenever it feels like it. When i press down firmly in one of the corners, it shuts up and then it starts again. I think it's somthing to do with electron charging and how maybe the monitor isn't earthed. But thats just a speculation. Any ideas?

If i let it screem, it goes on for about 5 mins and then stops.

I cheacked the power cord and the 15-pin d-sub connections. All seem to be ok

Somebody reasure me that my monitor won't blow up in couple of days......please!

I any ideas sugesstions please.

Thanks all

  Stuartli 15:30 06 Mar 2003

What do you mean by "pressing down firmly in one of the corners"?

Do you mean pressing down on the top of the left or right hand side of the monitor?

Initial thought that it was some form of degaussing, but this is usually when you first switch on.

You'll just have to monitor (sic) the situation or try it with another graphics card and see if it still continues to make a noise.

  a_dani19 15:34 06 Mar 2003

i press down firmly on the left hand corner

  Stuartli 15:46 06 Mar 2003

The monitor is earthed through the power cable - if you take it out you will see there are three slots which house the monitor's pins.

Could be that a component is on the wane.

How old is the monitor - is it still under warranty? Most monitors bought over the last two or three years have a three year warranty.

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